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For the past fifteen years I have been working as a counselor and life coach helping individuals transform their lives by facing their fears and traumatic emotions. I truly believe that the world could drastically changed if people got the help they needed. I also use tea during my sessions as I find it makes my clients calm and brings them a sense of peace which makes them more open to sharing their more deeper intimate feelings. I also find that tea is a great ritual to start the morning in a positive way. I am a firm believer in positive affirmations and I love doing them while I sip my brew. Starting your day in a powerful manner is super important to avoid falling into laziness. Healthy routines that will put your body and mind in movement are the cornerstone. When I was younger like 7-8 I didn’t have wifi, all I had was the outside world, friends, caring family. Me and my dad would go to the woods and go fish for no reason at all just cause it was fun, we use to collect golf balls that we always would find there I have no idea why they were there we use to collect arrow heads cause u know I was out it the country and cool little things like that would make my day. But a couple years later all my friends were talking bout ps2-3 and how cool it is to play with your friends so I begged and begged to get WiFi. I eventually got it and was instantly addicted I would be on my PlayStation for hours and hours to the point the day went by and I didn’t even notice. I really miss the old times but we move to more of a city well kinda a little town but all the woods near me are private property. But I still can seem to break my habit of playing my game all day I mean I can get off of it but it’s just I don’t wanna. It’s so much easier than dealing with life I feel. So for the past 4-5 years I’ve been wasting my life away behind a screen. I honestly do hate it but I can’t find anything to replace it with I’ll find something for a little bit then I decide either it’s no fun or I don’t what to do it anymore. As I grew up and become a life coach, this changed for the better and I became a healthier and happier person.

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    Thank you so much for this material. As a new writer this gave me some great perspectives to think about as I build my career.
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    I just saw my first ghost and this book reminded me of that experience!
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    Oh yessssss this was a sexy read. Thanks so much!
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  • Some Girls Wander - Two Short Stories on Oct. 29, 2018

    This was spooky and very relevant for me living in Los Angeles. Good stuff!
  • Life on Oct. 30, 2018

    This was a nice read and I appreciate your simplicity in sharing such a complex topic.
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    This was such a pleasant to read. It had a hint of Alice in Wonderland to it which brought back many memories for me.
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    This was a very interesting read and brought up some of my own fears of death (Where do we go exactly? Will I know I am actually dead?). This book also has a hint of the Sixth Sense.
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    This is a must read for anyone who dives into relationships too fast. It can help you begin to see the signs you need to be looking for so you don't get hurt!