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About me...well, I live in WA, I've got 3 younger brothers (2 of which are twins), I graduated from high school spring of 2010 and got my AA degree spring of 2011, I'm still going to school though (I'm hoping to get into nursing), and I am also hoping to become a published author someday.

Meanwile, I am a book blogger, so if you would like me to check out a book of yours, let me know! Just check out my blog first for submission guidelines (


I very rarely watch TV, but when I do I like to watch America's Next Top Model, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Whisperer, Pretty Little Liars, and I just recently started watching Charmed. Yes, re-runs, so what?? lol. I also LOVE to go to the movies...the scarier the better, just none of the gory, bloody stuff.

When it comes to music, I like to listen to Reggaeton, which is like Spanish hip-hop...kinda, lol (Wisin y Yandel, Daddy Yankee... among others.) I also love to listen to 3OH!3 and Panic! At the Disco :D

Some places I would like to visit in this life time include: Greece, of course (I'd like to see where Greek mythology all started. Plus, what better place to do research than Greece itself!), Egypt, Italy, and England.

Hmmm, what else...well, my favorite number of the alphabet is Purple! :D


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Smashwords book reviews by Lili Lost in a Book

  • The Fate Of The Muse on March 11, 2012

    Marina’s near exposure in Greece caught the attention of the Council of hybrid mermaids. Yes, half-human half-mermaid hybrids have councils too. But this is not necessarily a good thing for Marina. In fact, because of the accident that led Marina to turning into a mermaid in order to save the people from the accident (her father included), she accidentally exposed herself as a mermaid. This, of course, got the attention of the media, and also the Council. Oh Marina, you are in soooo much trouble! Marina now has to present herself to the Council and explain why the heck she would transform in public. But what they’re more interested in is how Marina was able to transform. You see, Marina is a hybrid of many talents, talents which even some other hybrids don't even possess! Marina’s plan: lie her butt off! But if only the problems would stop there... Because of these many talents that Marina possess she was kidnapped in the last book. Remember that? She and Lorelei being trapped then put into a big mansion? Some guy wanting to use their muse powers for evil? Another mermaid being pregnant?? I’m sure this all rings a bell. Well guess what...they’re back for more! That’s right, Marina is still in danger and someone really wants her...desperately. The problem is, the people after her will be the least ones she expects. On top of all that, Ethan and Marina are being driven apart. *sigh* All this mermaid stuff, Marina’s powers, the kidnappers, the ex-girlfriend, the’s like all this stuff doesn't want Marina and Ethan to be together. Marina’s fate seems to be a dark one. But the question is, will Marina be strong enough to overcome these obstacles? I’ve got one word for you my readers: Uh-MAZE-ing! Marina’s Tales just keep getting better and better! This book had endless amounts of surprises and suspense (you will never guess what happened to Nerissa and the baby she was carrying!) There was so much action throughout the whole book that I found it hard to put down the book! The plot was crazy (in a good way) and there has been noticeable character development for most of the characters across the three books. And as I said in previous reviews, Marina is a very likable character. I especially like that she is very modest. Ooh! Mythology! I absolutely LOVED that little touch of mythology when they were in the museum! That painting with the nine Greek (or Roman, I guess) Muses, the mermaid in the near-by body of water, and and favorite Greek god, Apollo (although that is also his Roman name)! :D Just when I thought the book couldn't get better the author goes and puts this in...Awesome :) And guess what...I totally get the "That's what she said" joke now! I thought it was some inside joke between the characters, but it turns out a lot of people know about this. Sadly enough, my 13 year cousin had to explain it to me! 13 years old! Man, what are they teaching kids nowadays *shakes head* Anyway, since I found out what the joke meant I went back through all the books to find those’s so much more funny now that I get it! :D I could tell you what it means, but I try to keep my reviews to a PG-13 rating ;) I could go on and on and on talking about this totally awesome book, but how about you just go and read this series yourself ;) Recommended to those who love a good mermaid story!
  • The Turning Tides on July 11, 2012

    A wonderful conclusion to a wonderful series. In this final installment of Marina's Tales, Marina is once again put though many painful tests. First of all, evil peoples are still after Marina's mermaid experiment on them. Marina, of course, will not rest until her sisters are safe...even if it means putting herself in danger one again. Ethan's mother, believe it or not, shows up out of nowhere, claiming she wants to spend time with her son! But she seems to be doing more bad than good, planting a seed of doubt in Ethan's head that drives Ethan and Marina apart. Two men and two women, two dark and two light, will also enter Marina's life. Who? Marina has no idea, but she has to keep a lookout. I thought the addition of new characters was very refreshing and it kept me guessing who the two evil people were. "The Turning Tides" is actually a very appropriate title for the book: it had so many twists and turns, and this happening and was just wow! And you know how there's a lot going on in a book and it sometimes feels overwhelming...well that was so not the case with this one! :D This book had a great story line, awesome and lovable characters, and it had a lot of emotion (I LOVE that in a book!) I have to say though, I am terribly sad that Marina's Tales have come to an end! The series just got better and better with each book! I'll really miss Ethan and Marina...they were so adorable together! But I'm happy that the series had a satisfying ending (although I'm still a little worried about Olivia). I'll definitely be on the lookout for more books by Derrolyn :)
  • Pandora's Key on Sep. 21, 2012

    I don't need to mention (again) that I love Greek mythology, right? Of course I do! I LOVE it! And I really liked Pandora's Key! I though it was a very interesting take on Pandora's myth, which I liked! So, Evangeline holds the key to the one and only Pandora's box. She is its protectress, and she comes from a long line of protectors. But there are people out there who really want the key to open the box...for better or for worse. Evangeline's job? protect the box from being opened and unleashing the things that lurk inside. It's not an easy job, I tell you. There are people after her and the key. The line between confidants and enemies blurs, and Evangeline doesn't know who she can and cant trust in this world she was suddenly thrust into. Pandora's Key was an enjoyable read with a great story line and Greek myth intertwined awesomely! There were some shocking moments...One surprise in particular (*cough* Malledy *cough*) left me speechless! I sat there blinking, thinking: "He...this whole time? OMG! Whoa." It was pretty crazy stuff. Overall, I really liked the story and found that it was very interesting. I am looking forward for more of the series!
  • The Athena Effect on June 30, 2013

    I really liked this book! I thought Cali's power was just super cool and really interesting. Cali was a great character! She was very likable, and her character development? Wow! It was amazing! I felt so bad for Cali sometimes, the thing with her parents and her current situation, but really, she's very strong and independent. As for the other Cal...I adored him! He was very protective, sweet, totally swoon-worthy, and a yummy bad-boy! *swoons* The plot itself was really interesting too. Even though some aspects of the story reminded me of Marina's Tales, Derrolyn sure has a way of pulling emotions out of me! Hate, for example, is a common one. I love books with emotion, and that is one of the reasons why I love Derrolyn's writing! The creeper doctor creeper! And he made me so very frustrating. He was practically harassing Cali and I just wanted to punch him in the neck! Cali's aunt and the aunt's BF were very frustrating too. The aunt was never around and totally ignorant. And the BF was also harassing Cali...ugh! He made me sick! I wonder what other craziness ('cause I KNOW the crazy creeper doctor and his creepy crazy guard aren't done with Cali yet) Cali will have to go through. I am so glad she has Cal at her side though! If you have read and loved Derrolyn's other series, Marina's Tales, but have not had the chance to read The Athena Effect yet, well, you should get on it! You will definitely enjoy this read!
  • The Mackenzie Legacy on March 06, 2014

    Calvin leaned back on his pillows, watching [Caledonia's] magical eyes dart back and forth as she mastered the keyboard, assimilating information faster than he ever imagined possible. He smiled wryly, thinking that the day he was beaten up in the cemetery was probably the luckiest day of his life. ~The Mackenzie Legacy Oh man, what an adventure! This is what I love about Derrolyn's writing: there is always something exciting and action-y going on! Oh! And let's not forget about the yummy romance ;) As you may recall from The Athena Effect, the evil Dr. Reed is now the legal guardian of Cali. But there was no way in hell Cali was gonna stay put there until she was 18. So, Cali escaped with the lovely, gorgeous Cal and have been on the run since then. However, things are far from over! To begin with Caledonia wont really be (relatively) safe until she turns 18. Second, remember the girl Layla who has the same ability as Cali? Well, she and her twin brother are still being held prisoner, even if they don't believe so. And Cali being the good soul that she is wants to rescue them. But there is so much more to this story than you can imagine! And I am dying to tell you because it was just so surprising! That and the new info we found out about the so called "Athena Effect." But I wont spoil it for you ;) But man it's good stuff! However, there were some moments where the actions and events were kinda predictable, so I was just a bit disappointed when that happened 'cause I LOVE being surprised! Anyway, while Cali's big day arrives (her 18th b-day), she and Cal are hiding away, never staying in one place for too know, keeping it on a down-low. And it's SO romantic! They situation they are in is beyond horrible, but Calvin...*swoons* He is just a really sweet guy, very fun, and so protective of Cali! I adore him! And man, Cali? Gone is the shy, quiet, naive girl. In her place is a independent, brave, and fierce young woman! She's amazing! So far I am really enjoying this series! And even though the book didn't exactly end on a cliffhanger, per se, we know there will be more troubles up ahead for Cali and Layla...and I cannot wait to see what those adventures will have in store for us!