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  • The Invisible Husband on May 27, 2011

    Spoiler Alert** It was a pretty good read. Adam was a little soft for my tastes. I did love the fact that they played together and didn't take themselves so seriously in the end. The only question I had about the book was did they eventually have a child? When the servants were conversing they mentioned that it had been a year and she wasn't pregnant yet.
  • Eye of the Beholder on May 27, 2011

    When I first started reading this book I wasn't really sure if i would like it. This was the first of Ms. Nordin's books that I had read. However, as the story progresses I really started to get into it. I felt so sorry for Mary in the beginning. But Dave is a sweetheart. I also liked how there were other sub plots going on. Great book.
  • Bitten on June 05, 2011

    The book started out ok. I thought Ally was crazy to go out the back alley of a club alone with no one knowing where she was and stalking some random guy because he was hot. But I had to see how it turned out. Then just as the book was getting quite interesting, it ended mid thought. It was as if someone ripped off the other half of the book. Suggestion: If this is going to be a series it would be better if at least that last scene was completed so that the reader doesn't feel like they are missing pages. I want to read part two so please hurry.
  • His Redeeming Bride on June 05, 2011

    Great book. I loved it. I have read all of this series so far. Great stories. I can't wait for Joel's story because he is hilarious. Great work. keep it up.
  • Solstice on June 14, 2011

    I was pleasantly suprised that this short story was really good. Sometimes in other stories, the plot is not totally developed or it feels rushed. I wouldn't recommend anyone repeats Emma's actions on a first date as it can go wrong in so many ways, but for a hypothetical story, it was sweet and romantic. Loved it and have since read it over two or three times.
  • Tempting the Knight: A Novella on June 14, 2011

    Pretty steamy book. Loved it. This story was different in that on Melissande's side, she didn't realize what she had until she almost lost it. She had to work to redeem herself, accept the fall out for her mistakes and was willing to put herself out there to win Rolfe's confidence back. On Rolfe's side, he can forgive his wife and they can come to see what they really mean to each other. I haven't read many romances where the couple gets back together after someone has cheated. Usually the storyline is that once cheated on the male or female finds love with someone else. So though it was pretty raunchy for a shorter novel, it was a great read.
  • Caught by the Tide on June 15, 2011

    Wow. When I started reading this book i did not expect all the twists in the story. I had read Solstice and thought it was a great short story. So I gave this one a chance and I wasn't disappointed. It just got better as the book went on. I love when authors write romances that are not just slight variations of the same storyline. It makes the stories more relatable (if that's even a word). Great job and can't wait for more.
  • The Wrong Husband on June 18, 2011

    I love this whole series and this is no exception. Great book