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  • A Gift for Murder on Nov. 22, 2013

    Commerce and chaos collide when a company executive is found dead in a dumpster during the huge Gifts and Decorations trade show. Murder? Most likely. The suspect? The victim’s wife. But Heather McNeil, assistant to the director of the Commerce & Market Show Center in D.C. (and the person who found the body), doesn't believe the beautiful trophy wife killed her less-than-faithful husband. With nothing more than gut instinct to guide her, Heather moves into amateur sleuth mode as she gathers facts about the victim and the events leading up to his death. But trying to uncover the culprit and keep the investigation separate from her job proves tricky indeed. Help comes in the form of handsome security guard, Scott Brandon, who used to be a cop. Soon, though, not only is Heather’s job in jeopardy but her life and Scott’s life as well. This is a fun, fast-paced read that takes you deep into the world of a trade show and the workings of a convention center. The list of suspects grows and then narrows. All the while, Heather manages the madness on the showroom floor, dealing with anything from an angel display gone awry to the smell of burnt popcorn from an overzealous promoter. Heather is smart and capable, and the rising respect and attraction she has for Scott adds fuel to the story. This is the first book in the Market Center Mysteries series by Karen McCullough, who proves that she clearly has a gift for mystery--and for murder!