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Smashwords book reviews by Linda Carter

  • The Bridge — 21 short stories from the Stringybark Fiction Awards on Sep. 10, 2011

    ‘The Bridge’ contains a range of Australian short stories, a lucky dip with diverse styles, characters, themes and settings. The canine protagonist of ‘The Working Dog’ offers his bemused owner an entirely new take on industrial relations down on the farm! The tragic pathos of ‘The Boxer’ contrasts starkly with ‘Hang on a Tick’, where a Scottish ‘new boy’ lightheartedly scoots out of social trouble. The compelling opening to ‘She was born in Autumn‘ introduces a ‘ribbon of red’ that threads itself through image-driven metaphors – the rusty-red of autumn leaves, the stain of a birthmark, curled red hair, rosy skin, painted nails – and the story skips back and forth through generational time, as a curtain might blow in a breeze ... I was delighted to have one of my short stories included in this anthology. Linda Carter