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Individuals have individual tastes because of their values, upbringing and especially what they think is important. David's most important thing is that he is alive in 5 minutes, so everything he does is related to that. Cars, planes, holiday houses, watches, the latest smart phone, etc, pale into insignificance compared to what’s important in the next 5 minutes, and the 5 minutes after that, etc.

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David is an Oracle of Delphi, actually, an Oracle (including Apex, htp.p (HTML, JavaScript, CSS), NodeJS, Microsoft PowerBI) and Delphi programmer, specialising in relations (RDBMS) especially in Accounting, Incentive & Loyalty, Textiles, Factory Management, Health, who became interested not just in how computers are programmed, but also in how humans are programmed. And in how humans can be unprogrammed or reprogrammed. Dogma gives us programs, which many of us follow blindly. Dogma gives us a starting point, but unfortunately for many people, it is their "way of life." How can we use our brains to overcome dogma and build our own dogma?

In 1998, David helped to found a Synagogue and in 1999, he cancelled his retirement policies and grew a dream of a new way of retiring. His efforts have led to two books, both about self-esteem.

Self-esteem is permanent, whereas motivation is fleeting. You can feel motivated today, but experience a setback tomorrow which undoes your motivation and sets you back months or maybe years.

The first book, "The Torah as an Enlightenment Toolkit" is about building personal self-esteem. It uses Ancient Wisdom from the Torah (Old Testament or Five Books of Moses) and a Torah message of Jacob becoming Israel to show how it is possible for us to take advantage of our dark side and emerge it into the light, ie enlighten it.

David's second book, "A User Manual for Life on Earth", is about building community or even world-wide self-esteem. David contends that our "modern world" has been in "lock down" for 500 years since "enclosure started" and it is now time for a new paradigm to commence or rather for it to become main stream and not just the domain of "preppers." Enclosure created monopolies and monopsonies. Enclosure made the playing fields uneven. Enclosure created barriers to entry so that those with money could get better rates and better perks than those without money. Enclosure created centralised systems.

But in the 2020s decentralisation is now mainstream. In many cases, it is already cheaper for communities to create their own electricity, water, sewerage, waste, waste to energy, solid waste, food, and other systems cheaper than they can buy it. Centralisation worked for 500 years, but it is failing.

In A User Manual For Life on Earth, David shows that 2020 gives us 2020 vision and in an age of plagues such as sicknesses and "quantitative easing" where we have the plague of too much money sloshing around in the hands of too few people, there is an alternative that is rising and which in fact has already risen and that the centrists and communists and "elite" are so scared of it that they are trying to shut it down.

But the cat is out of the bag, the hornet's nest has been opened, pandora's box is open, and many people are scared, but if these people can see past the fog and noise that has been created for them, they will see that an entirely new world is possible.

David's ultimate vision is to meet our galactic neighbours. In order to do this our minds need to be free. Our minds need to be free of the mundane things that we worry about. The mundane things that concern us are how will we pay for water and electricity and food and clothing and housing. But imagine that it was possible to live in a world where all these were free! In 2020! Some tell David that we won't have any challenge. Maybe so, but one already sees an explosion of creativity, an explosion of possibility and intuition has made a huge comeback in the 21st Century, and that leads us to the possibility of telepathy making an appearance, and then we will travel to our galactic neighbours, not with a ship or spaceship, but with that most powerful weapon in our arsenal, a razor sharp mind that cuts through fog and noise and sees what cannot be seen.

Join David as he journeys into our own heart in The Torah as an Enlightenment Toolkit, and as he journeys into the heart of humankind in A User Manual for Life on Earth and see what you see and say "I see" when you turn advice into wisdom. One is blessed when one accepts advice and when one allows advice to become wisdom.


Ramblings of an Alien
You set the price! Words: 21,820. Language: English. Published: December 3, 2020. Categories: Essay » Sociology
A fun exploration of the reason for our existence. An a-lien is a person without a lien. A lien is a debt. We come to earth to learn duality. On earth our lives are different to what we expect and we "suffer" as we try to return to who we are. We are distracted, lose traction. How can we liberate our minds? How can we return to who we truly are? Read Ramblings of an A-lien and find out.
A User Manual for Life on Earth (Enclosure Version 2)
You set the price! Language: English. Published: June 24, 2020. Categories: Nonfiction » General reference » Catalogs
Enclosure created Centralised Bureaucratic Easily Corruptible Systems. David's User Manual shows how we have entered Enclosure Version 2, where we can all become a-liens, ie people without lien, ie free people and not (wage) slaves. David uses Ancient Wisdom and his own Extensive Experience to show the reader a new world; a new world that is already here.
The Torah as an Enlightenment Toolkit
You set the price! Words: 107,360. Language: English. Published: June 10, 2020. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Body, mind, & spirit
(5.00 from 1 review)
How Torah (The Old Testament or The Five Books of Moses) helps us move from the Jacob Archetype to the Israel Archetype

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