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Lisa Rothstein is former Madison Avenue copywriter and creative director, who has written award-winning TV commercials, print and radio ads for brands such as IBM, Hanes, Bacardi, Johnson & Johnson and other Fortune 500 companies that have appeared in 18 countries. She is now a coach & consultant specializing in helping multi-talented creative entrepreneurs create success online and off in their businesses and their lives.

Lisa is an expert at helping other multi-talented people and creative entrepreneurs build businesses centered around their talents, passions, and ideas, and communicate their brilliance across all media. She co-founded The DaVinci Dilemma™ -- a blog of tips, support and inspiration for multi-talented people, and is co-authoring a book of the same title.

Lisa also continues to offer expert copywriting and strategic marketing consulting to businesses such as Samsung Electronics and Capital One Bank, as well as high-level entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Lisa is an award-winning and represented screenwriter, an inventor, a cartoonist, a stand-up comedian, and performs as a singer with the San Diego Master Chorale. This broad background allows her to "get" the personalities, desires and challanges of today's renaissance people like no one else.

A graduate of Brown University with a degree in Semiotics (Communications), Lisa has her coaching certification from Life Purpose Institute® in San Diego, and is a graduate of Anthony Robbins' Leadership Academy® and Life Mastery® programs.

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