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  • Death Girl on Jan. 10, 2010

    This book pulled me in, not at first, but within the fifth chapter I was hooked. V.J. Chambers has a way to pull her readers in, while describing the characters as if it was someone you knew in real life. I didn't like Maureen's character at first and related more to Frances' character. In the end Frances' true colors shined and it was Maureen that made me want to read more. I only gave it a three because it seemed too rushed. I didn't notice the book was only 54,000 when I purchased it. It seems like this book has such a strong plot that it needs more than 54,000 words standing behind it. I think some of the characters still need more developing. I was rather disappointed by the ending. It, too, was rushed. The deal with Frances, the surprise with Jared. I think this book would benefit from more details.