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Literary Chaos was an online zine in the early part of the millennium. Now, we're just sitting back and watching the world spin by. Every so often we will try to put out a book or two just because we really like them. That's the long and the short of it.

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  • I Am Not a Whore (at Least Not yet) -- The Prequel to the Confessions of a Whore Series on June 25, 2013

    I Am Not a Whore is a fun erotic thrill ride. The writing dances with the literary at times but stays on track as a XXX joyride through bangkok. Emme can really write.
  • Ten Poems about East Asia & Kitsch Nebula Ampersands And on Oct. 23, 2013

    This book is anything but boring. The first paperback release by Coatlism Press now in eBook form, it has a weird experimental side mixed with a classic Romantic side. It's like John Keats became Allen Ginsburg for a short moment and penned this book. This book is not as polished as Glyphic (also by Chiaia) but it has some nuggets that are pretty darn good, including Conversation between Person and Mushroom, Ode For the Fucking Sake of It, and You, Sir! I'd like to rate it 3.5 stars but that isn't an option so I'll give it 4. It's good and a quick read but not perfect. A solid first book.
  • That Fucker on Jan. 20, 2014

    With all books by Emme Hor (at least so far) this book is outrageously filthy. In that regard you are reading pure, unadulterated, XXX porn. It is like filth hyperbole and that makes it charming if you're in for a dirty story. The characterizations are realistic. There is the boyfriend, "That Fucker", taking advantage of the submissiveness of his girlfriend. There is Charlie the Wok, the greasy new guy who is treating her much nicer. And there is Heather, who you can't help rooting for, who is trying to extricate herself from a very controlling, manipulative relationship. Along the way, there are some sex scenes laced with power relationships, trickery, lots of protein exchange, anal sex and some interesting locations. If you're into erotica that focuses on power relationships, humiliation, or submission, you will enjoy "That Fucker".
  • The Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends on Jan. 30, 2014

    This is the origin of porno-literary smut for Girls Carrying Books. A lot of people are writing intelligent erotica these days. This is in the vain of Henry Miller, Anais Nin, and the Marquis de Sade. These poems and short fictions are raw. They are powered by the poet's disturbing longing to reset and start all over. He is tortured by lust and failed relationships. This makes him real and fun to read even though he subjects his Amy and Jenny to humiliation, rough sex, and adultery.
  • What Makes Cannabis Recipes Work? on Feb. 03, 2014

    Marijuana seems to be the talk of the town these days. A lot of people are expecting a lot more states in the US to legalize it. If you follow the stock markets these days, Marijuana stocks are moving at a hot pace making a lot of investors more than enough money money for their weed habits. That said, more forms of ingestion (beyond smoking) are popping up for the world’s most controversial herb. "What Makes Cannabis Recipes Work" by Ronald Hudkins is a cookbook that doesn't just give recipes but explains what makes the recipes succeed in getting you stoned. Assuming smoking isn't the best way to get THC into your system this book offers an alternative to consuming all that smoke, tar, and other toxins: cook with marijuana. This book contains an array of biologically sound recipes for comfortably ingesting marijuana while getting the most effect out of it. For example, “Melt 1 pound of butter or ghee in a saucepan. Add to this several ounces of finely sifted marijuana. Simmer and stir for a few minutes until the butter takes on the greenish color of the grass.” The recipes span from butters to brandy. It covers how to prepare, strain, maximize THC culling. It also tells you about taste so as to give you hints of how to successfully use each recipe. It also explains some of the common mistakes people make when preparing impotent marijuana teas and other failing recipes. This is quite an informative book. It’s a fun, interesting read. You’d be hard pressed to find somebody who wouldn't learn a thing or two about ganja, THC, or its solubility. If you’re interested in marijuana or hash but don’t like tearing your lungs apart (like when using two hot knives pressed together to burn a ball of hash) then give this book a read and use it to find new ways to get stoned.
  • The Blink of Her Eye on March 11, 2014

    Angelica Thaddeus writes with a talent that transcends her chosen genre. She writes lyrical sentences that compliment her story. This book is full of well drawn characters and in-depth descriptions. It seems to me that she can write description all day long and keep her reader interested. This penchant for description helps her out in the steamy sex scenes that draw you into them and make you a voyeur to the passion. The story revolves around a young hospital compliance officer named Anika who, while on duty, is attacked by a deranged man claiming she killed his wife. Just as things are looking very grave for Anika, Gabriel rushes to her rescue and saves her. Then she is told she must, “Stop the Murders.” The book unfolds as a multi-genre thrill ride that satisfies many urges smoothly and simultaneously. I recommend "The Blink of Her Eye" for its violence, sex, and wild yet conceivable plot-twists. This is, bottom line, an excellently written medical thriller with hot erotica on the side.
  • I Am Not a Whore, Am I? on March 13, 2014

    This is the first complete book in the Confessions of a Whore Series. If you like Erotica with a literary edge then you will enjoy this. It is well told and fully drawn without being redundant. A very good read.
  • Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired - Episode One: The Hotel Party on June 29, 2014

    This book is a look into a psychotic relationship between two well-drawn characters. There is Jynx the curvy Korean bombshell with obsessive tendencies and there is Moctezuma taking advantage of girls everywhere he goes. When MJ leaves Jynx for a supermodel all hell breaks loose. This story is over-the-top and a lot of fun. Still, what really brought me into the episode was the real relationship between Jynx and MJ. It is a weird fatal attraction that made me want to read more. I'm off to the next episode.