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  • Gringa - Beast of Mexico on Jan. 15, 2013

    Well, I must say Excellente, Magnifico! It's a must for readers to check on and get captivated by the humor that would make one laugh like crazy, by the thrill,the escapades, and eventually of course, the inevitable romance! Not any books could make you frown, smirk, smile and leap into another world with the characters, and this book has succeeded doing exactly that!While reading, it could definitely give way of feeling what Payton-the character feels, see what she sees and get stubborn as well, without actually noticing it. The book got nice characters here and amazingly the style of presentation interest me, make me jump to excitement, make me expect, and even make me ridiculously intrigue like a paparazzi eh?I salute your skill , imagination, creativity or whatever it is that could easily and directly connects you with the reader, Miss Eve. Thank you for sharing these jest with me. It is a well-worth one..I love it sooooo muuuch!!!
  • Gringa - Taming the Beast on Jan. 15, 2013

    My!My!My! Book two is full of surprises!!!It's totally wonderful!! This is an intense romance that could keep you wondering if the what we qoute as "right ways" really matter, though it conveys that love could always conquer darkness.. There's a great transformation shown possible for the sake of the one you love and you care about. How sweet of Diago. I feel like my teenage bravado here-hearts on my eyes, giggling and laughing...hahaha..Though Diago was defined horribly by Payton, I just couldn't see him in that light..I say this book shows the masculinity of a man masks the vulnerability within, but doesn't reveal him weak..The story is really cool and magnificient... Nothing has changed, the characters still have the power to bring me with them and lift me out of my room into the mountains of Mexico!!This is GREAT!! I felt very restless waiting for what's next right now..