Jill Marie


My name is Jill Marie and I am in my early 20's.
I spend all my time reading, baking and taking care of my wonderful fiance and our two pets ^^
I have a great love for YA (young adult)books, they are my genre of choice.
But the thing I love more than reading YA novels is getting to talk to the authors who write them!
I connect with so many wonderful authors and help them by reviewing and promoting their works.
My blog is dedicated to helping support our wonderful indie and self-pub authors.
I recently have started doing freelance PR and editing work for some of the authors I have worked with in the past. I am hoping to one day become a book publicist! *fingers crossed*

Smashwords book reviews by Jill Marie

  • Believe on May 24, 2012

    This rarely happens to me... but I just could not get through this book. I stopped maybe a quarter of the way through. I commend the author for coming up with an interesting take on vampires/vampire hunters. Writing and publishing a book is hard work. This story does indeed have potential. I just do not think it came close to reaching it. Based on the synopsis I thought it sounded like an entertaining, paranormal romance. However, the story just did not grab me enough. Maybe the basic plot was to similar to all the others I have read in the genre. *Twilight being the foremost* Also, I rarely find that the errors and lack of finesse in a review copy are too over bearing for me to get past. I could not get past them in this book. The story itself seemed a bit choppy. And the sentence structure and punctuation/spelling errors were too frequent. The formatting of dialogue and character thoughts made the story seem childish. It was more like a second draft than a close to finished work
  • Allesandra's Bequest on July 28, 2012

    This short story will blow you away. It has so much depth and passion behind it. Originally it started out as one song the author wrote. From there it took off and became a concept album. Eventually Allesandra's Bequest had transformed into a narrative poem. Knowing that makes this short story even more wonderful. The entire thing is written with bits of the poem intertwined with story. On it's own it is a moving piece of poetry. Combined with the narration of the story it really reaches a new level. At times this did not even feel like a short to me at all. I was really taken in by Allesandra and her dark past. It is truly haunting. The love she shares with her husband is heartwarming. The author calls Allesandra's Bequest an epic and I would have to agree with him. It shows the damage the past can imprint on one's soul. It deals with loss in several heart wrenching ways and the impact misplaced guilt can have on the human heart. Despite it's tragic and constant dark tone, this story also has the light that is behind every darkness. It speaks of forgiveness as well. This story might not be for everyone. Abuse can be a hard topic for many to read about . However, I would gladly recommend it to mature readers who want a real life story. I hope the author does record the music to this one day. I also hope to see more of his work in the future.
  • Underneath on July 28, 2012

    Underneath is one of the more unique and compelling books of it's kind that I have read. Michael Cargill is definitely an author to look out for. His writing style really captivates the reader and immerses them in the characters and story line. Cargill masterfully builds the tension through out the entire story, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat. Hugh is quite an intricate and strange fellow to say the least. I really enjoyed his character and the satirical humor that goes along with it. Especially his incident with self service checkout-which I myself find obnoxious-and his use of the term 'slug'. Cargill has really created a character that will entertain and intrigue. Hugh's tendencies progress at an alarming rate and I was not at all surprised to learn he is plagued by blackouts. The author really knows how to get into the head of his characters, which is something I really loved about this book. The author really nails the portrayal of a sociopath and allows us a glimpse into their life. This book points out to reader's that we may not know someone as well as we think we do. It is very possible they have a dark side we have yet to meet. The story takes place from two different points of view. That of Hugh as he wreaks havoc and that of the cops that are called in to handle the disturbances. I enjoyed the cop's characters as well. Robert's passion for bacon sandwiches and his continuous banter with his partner really add to the story. The reader also finds that the cops share similarities with Hugh. Perhaps, one human's 'underneath' is not so different from another. If you want a wild ride of a book and a story that will keep you wanting more, I highly recommend reading this book and other's by Michael Cargill!
  • The Promise on July 28, 2012

    This was a fantastic read! I don't usually read historical fiction, but I thoroughly enjoyed The Promise. Dee Dee did a fantastic job of creating an intriguing story, reminiscent of King Arthur's era. The author has a well crafted writing style and her passion for historical times and writing clearly shows in every chapter. She has taken a Lords and Ladies tale to a new level that really sets her apart from other historical fiction authors. This story begins with a unique prologue that immediately grabs your attention. The dialogue and way of speech is excellent and very fitting for the time portrayed in the story. It did not complicate the writing and the plot flowed along nicely. The reader was able to become a part of the story which is something I really enjoyed. The Promise was full of action and constant surprises. It's romance was wonderful and not forced. I like that the romance really blossomed as the story progressed. Rafe and Adele make a great couple despite their arranged marriage. The fact that Rafe chooses to hide his identity to Adele really made things interesting. This story is more than just budding romance, it also tells of honor and the impact war has on the land and ones soul. Most importantly the impact of ones loyalty to a promise. This was a great first book in what is sure to be a really great series. I can't wait to read the second book as well as other books from the author. To anyone, young or old, who loves a good heart pounding tale of war and love, I highly recommend this book!