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  • The Shadow Government on March 02, 2012
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    I have recently read your e book of Shadow Government and what a writer and what an interesting story. I usually don't finish a book right away but this one I could not put down. Fantastic job Mr. Derby. You know, it is kind of refreshing to read something, for a change, that is not inundated with sex and words we all could use less of. Please keep entertaining us with your excellent talent as a writer as good as Grisham, Baldacci and the like. I have also read your other two books and I am anxious for a fourth. Hurry!
  • The Shadow Government on March 02, 2012

    I neglected to give this book a rating. I believe it is well worth it. Try it and you will agree.
  • Bradley's Ghost on March 13, 2012

    This story was captivating to say the least. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it and I especially enjoyed the way he described the people so you could almost feel you were there on the indian land with them. I think the writer has much going for him and I hope he continues to give us more! He evidently has had a lot of government experience which shows up in his books. I am interested in a story that makes me want to read it until the end and then wish there was more. This one did that! I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mystery and intrique. :-) Keep them coming.
  • Clouds of Deception on March 29, 2012

    Whew.....what a story. This has made me realize how vulnerable we are to attack and how precarious our lives are. Nicely written and it kept me engrossed throughout the entire story. I felt almost as if I were there and wanting to get out. More books please.