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The Living Hour is an independent publisher of inspirational and educational books, as well as the creator of The Inspirational Living Podcast, one of the most popular self-development podcasts in the world (with over 3 million downloads).

Our best-selling hardcover books Evergreen: 50 Inspirational Life Lessons and Everest: 50 Motivational Life Lessons are currently exclusively available in hardcover, and can be purchased at

Our Thai language e-books represent the street and workplace level Thai language spoken today, helping expats, English teachers, and tourists more fully enjoy their stay in the Land of Smiles.

In addition, we have carefully taken into account the criticisms that Thai language learners have had in the past with Thai phrasebooks, dictionaries, and other kinds of Thai language books. Those who purchase eLearnThai's ebooks and books can be assured of the following things:

1) All of our Thai sample sentences are very useful for daily situations and are not simply duplications of the kind of phrases found in other phrasebooks and free Thai language websites.

2) Our English phonetic spelling of Thai words is easy to understand and includes tones.

3) Every Thai sentence is followed by a word for word English translation, so readers can know for certain what Thai word corresponds with what English word(s).

4) The Thai script is published in a large enough font to be easily read and words are broken apart to facilitate Thai reading practice.

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