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Smashwords book reviews by Chasity

  • To Kill A Warlock on Nov. 12, 2010

    Watch out! HP Mallory has come gins ablaze in the UF scene. To Kill a Warlock has all the great elements of Urban Fantasy with a touch of something extra. Humor, sexiness, danger and mystique. Dulcie is a Fairy who works as a Regulator. She is police to all the otherworldly creatures from the Netherworld. As you can imagine the job is no walk along the beach when some warlock can cast nasty spells on you. But Dulcie has her own magic and smarts to get her through a days work. What I loved most: The plot was fast paced and kept me on my toes. Who's the bad guy? What will happen next are some of the questions going through my mind as I read on. World setting was easy to grasp. The Netherworld is like a parallel dimension or as as it was explained in the novel-another layer. It's quite fascinating to think that some other world is living a while other kind of day at the same time that I am living it to. The characters were an adventure in themselves. Dulcie is quite a gal. Her scrupulous nature has her working hard on the current case even though it means making favors and visits she would rather do when hell freezes. Dulcie is even more so of interest to me because she is looking for more out of life. She is an aspiring author and a tough as hell Regulator. It's great to read a character who is still in the process of becoming what they want rather then at the end of it. Romance Interest. Yes, I must say something on the matter of romance. To Kill a Warlock is an Urban novel so the romance is not of high priority. But I will say that there is some man candy for me to drool over. In fact, a trifecta of hunkiness: Quillian (the boss), Knight (Netherworld agent), and Bram (the club owning vampire). How is a gal to choose? Oh, the dilemma of it all. mwahahaha. What I was least fond of but added the UF grit to the novel: Dagan and his house of horrors. I don't like to read about S&M stuff but HP did a wonderful job of keeping the pages significant to the plot. Even though there were a couple of trips to the club everything written is relevant to the storyline as well as the effect of the amount of danger involved with having a Netherworld creature loose on Earth. Looking forward to: I am looking forward to Dulcie. I can easily see how subsequent novels will be full of her choices. As I mentioned above she is still in the process of becoming who she wants to be. As a reader I want to dive in there with her and she were it all goes. Plus, I am dying to read who she will be dating. hehehehe. Oh, the ending was interesting. I am certainly looking forward to her new puppy and what happens to its gifter *no spoilers* All in all, purely entertaining read. Dulcie knows how to run the show and does one hell of a job of it.
  • Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble on Nov. 12, 2010

    Wow. Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble is an adventurous read. This paranormal romance does indeed deliver but that's not all. The hunt is on. The main characters dance the "I want you but...." tango. Any romance fan will tell you that it's the hunt, the journey that's the fun part to read. I just read To Kill a Warlock (Dulcie O'Neil, #1) and so drawing character parallels and picking up on HP's style came naturally. I am very pleased with HP Mallory. Reading Fire Burn, I was engrossed from start to finish and very happy to see that book two in the Jolie Wilkins series is due out soon (Jan 2011). Jolie is a simple gal through and through. Her bff Christa would accuse her of being too simple and in need of a confident boast or jolt. HP dies a fantastic job with Jolie because when you start off with little the only way you can go it up. I found a connection with Jolie while reading her becoming her own woman. Sensual, confident and strong. ♫♪"It's raining men......" The Weather Girls may originally sing this tune but HP utilizes the popular line. Rand and Sinjinn, Trent, Odane (Fairy King- did I recall his name correct?). Of course, Rand is the one for our gal Jolie, or so I say. Rand is a Warlock with immense magic. He is the one who discovers Jolie and helps her hone her own magic. Jolie proves to possess power that has ever been seen but now that the creatures of the night learn of her abilities she is a wanted woman in more ways then one. Rand is fun to read- he personifies sexiness, power, confidence and boy is it fun to read his jealousy tantrums. The Paranormal elements in Fire Burn is another thumbs up. Witches, Warlocks, Vamps, Fairies, pixies and were all have a spotlight in this series and it's one wicked time to have. What I am most eager to learn in book two is how much more power does Jolie possess? Is she more then a witch? What is her purpose? Ohh and I want to read more Rand.... but that's a given, right?