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  • La Photographie Moderne on Jan. 19, 2014

    La Photographie Moderne, a Novel by Neil Crenner is an engaging smart mystery romantic thriller set in the back drop of the California art scene and coastal landscape. The main character Reason Simon is portrayed as an art gallery owner who is led by mysterious, supernatural and coincidental events runs into a whirl wind romance with a new lover (Didier). But these events have led him into intrigue and danger as he questions his relationship with Didier as well as his past and how these star-crossed lovers have come to meet. Reason realizes he has intuitive powers beyond the normal person and he has used them to save people from impending doom, but can his visions and insights save him and his new found dream lover from danger, family espionage and a near brush with death? Neil Crenner's writing is modern and yet evokes classical and universal imagery in the reader effortlessly he manages to engage the reader from the first page,in this taught mystery about romance, intrigue, family conspiracy, sleuth, heart pounding danger and the supernatural. The romantic courtship of the main character's new found love Didier, is both sensual, sensitive and steamy. Neil Crenner understands the subtilities of the gay life style and relationships and portrays an ideal romance as well as weaving his intriguing story of characters both loveable as well as easy to relate to. The reader is taken into a world of an unassuming art gallery owner, yet seamlessly Neil Crenner engages the reader into his world "la photographie modern" of vital, sexual love relationships, friendships, contrasting with mystery intrigue, the unknown, the supernatural and destiny. A very good read, you will not be disappointed or be able to put it down! LJ