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  • The Purification Ceremony on April 10, 2012

    Over 30 years ago, I was taught to hunt by an Onondaga Indian, who taught me, much like Star Wars later explained,and then this book explains; that each thing, each deer, each rock, each tree, each squirrel and blue jay; all were connected, and a ripple effect occurs when one is moved or enters an environment; and that to hunt well, you LISTENED to everything and trusted your senses, and that the greatest noise was silence, for typically in that silence, was an animal that had made its presence be known. This philosophy was later proved to me when a large buck and I "connected" in the silence, a standoff occurred as I had tuned into him, and he knew it likewise. BELIEVE in the teachings this book relates; we as humans, can indeed use more of our sensory perception than we typically give ourself credit for. A great book, especially if you believe in your senses.