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Smashwords book reviews by Craig Pittman

  • The Very Thought of Him on March 04, 2013

    The reader is engaged both from a physical perspective with wildly exciting descriptions of the erotic love making and emotional connect between our three characters. Jessa Callaver has the wonderful ability to draw the reader right into the story.
  • The Goat and the Heathen, 2nd ed. on March 04, 2013

    This is a top-drawer short story. The characters are rich and vibrant and the interaction between the characters oh so delicious. This is the first book written by Jessa Callaver and I am most assuredly going to be reading her other works.
  • In Gods' Hands on March 04, 2013

    This is my first experience reading what I would call a erotic romance short story and I am very much taken with it. It is also the fourth book by Jessa Callaver that I have read and I am a big fan. Her detailed description of the exotic locale produces a vibrant picture in the mind of the reader. From the exotic to the erotic the sensual interaction between the characters is exquisitely sensual. To label this as a page turner is a gross understatement. I am now left hungering for her next book.
  • Family Care, 4th ed. on March 24, 2013
    (no rating)
    This is the third book by Jessa Callaver I have read and I have enjoyed it tremendously. I can say she succeeded absolutely in marrying the raw & tender with the brazen and subtle. Jessa Callaver has such a knack for painting vivid and exciting sexuality and then delving into the motives, sensitivities, and vulnerabilities of the characters.(less)