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Smashwords book reviews by Jimmer

  • Brainrush on Sep. 12, 2011

    I first encountered this book (and its author) when my interest in the thriller genre led me to The Big Thrill. Richard was offering a deal for those interested in e-book versions, which I gladly accepted. (Other new-to-me authors will surely follow.) The cold war has been replaced by terrorism as the new heart of thrillers, and Brainrush uses that element in a most intriguing story. I don't like to give much away in reviews, but suffice it to say that this story is based on autistic savants and the potential for savants to do amazing things - for good or evil. From California to Venice to Afghanistan, the action is pounding and frighteningly believable. The author's bio explains his intimate knowledge of weaponry, which he uses to full advantage ala Tom Clancy. I was hooked very quickly by this book and it became a "must finish soon" read. I'm delighted to know that Jake's adventures will continue in another book due out in 2012. I'll buy it for sure. Richard Bard is a top-notch author and a force to be reckoned with by fans of super-thrillers.