Lois L. Lockhart


More than 70 years ago, I was born on a farm situated in the Allegheny Mountains of Western Pennsylvania. After 20 years, I moved to the city to find work. But I returned to the farm many times to bring back produce and plants. Eventually I married and moved to California, where my only child was born. Shortly after arriving in Arizona, my husband passed over. Through Parents Without Partners, I found another mate. Meanwhile I worked at the Tucson Pima Public Library system for more than 19 years.
World War II began my interest in writing. Each week I sent out dozens of airmail letters to neighbor boys overseas, keeping them informed on the seasons, births and deaths, wild animal life, etc. But not until my early 50's did I get serious about writing. Taking a writing course at Pima College got me started. Then other kinds of workshops came along. I began writing about my ancestors and my early years. Will Inman and Roberta Howard were patrons at Valencia Library where I worked. One day I got the courage to share my writing with them. Suddenly I was at Lamplight Reading Series with Roberta, reading a chapter of my book. So I credit Roberta and Will with my writing success. A huge thanks goes to my mate for all of his support. The rest is Herstory.

In late 1987 I began writing poetry. We had been to the Ghost Ranch in New Mexico for a weeklong writing workshop, where I first heard of Haiku. This concept was very exciting. Writing workshops over the years had never introduced this form of poetry. Now I keep pencil and paper handy: in the car, by the bed, in my purse, etc. As ideas occur, I record the essential words.

Being born under the Taurus sign, I am a child of nature, which influences most of my writing. Through the years I earned the titles of Master Gardner and Master Composter. The Garden Goddess answers gardening and landscaping problems by phone, e-mail, visits to homes, and occasional lectures. Also I write a gardening column for newcomers for several small monthly newspapers.
One of my constants in my life is the Desert Crones, old women who celebrate aging and are proud of our wisdom. Amony other things, we do drumming for pleasure and relaxation, and have Crone writing sessions.

Three grandchildren keep me busy. I feel as though in a former life I was a cat, it seems as though they understand me. Four strays own us. I play games on the computer when I can't sleep. Every 3 weeks, I read 10 or more mystery stories written by women. Even though retired, I keep the brain involved.

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