I'm Lola. I love reading, just starting to write; hoping i'll be able to publish soon. I love cooking, trampolining, swimming, yoga. Hoping to start Crossfit and pick up running. Don't have a favourite anything, colour, food, whatever. Still a student. In terms of age, I'm somewhere between 1 to 100. Don't like anything average, generic or normal. Love kids and peace-of-mind, which usually don't go well together.

Lola's favorite authors on Smashwords

Abigail Barnette
Latest book: Sophie.
Published January 20, 2021. (5.00 from 2 reviews)
S. Wolf
Latest book: Native Lust.
Published June 25, 2011. (3.00 from 3 reviews)

Smashwords book reviews by Lola

  • Amulet on March 22, 2015

    Great character development, lots of twists and turns, not boring and generic as I had first expected. Sweet and touching overall. Great Read!
  • The Boss on Nov. 09, 2015

    Perfectly written, captivating, thrilling and completely unexpected. I've read it twice at this point, and was even propelled to by the other 3 books, which were all equally awesome, if not more. I can honestly say I haven't read a book as good as this in a very long while, erotica and non-erotica alike, so thank you Abigail Barnette, keep writing them, and I'll keep reading them, because one thing's for sure: you've made an avid fan out of me.
  • Abby Has Gone Wild on Nov. 09, 2015

    love love LOVE this book! I've read it about 3 times now and each time I lap the story up with excitement. I love the relationship, the tenderness but the panty-creamin' sex scenes! Hot damn, I thought I'd explode, all 3 times. This is a definite winner in my books. (Quick Update: The pdf version of the book has the editing marks now, could you please revise it? Merci :) )
  • His Teddy Bear on June 03, 2017

    Love, love, love Eve's writing. Can't count how many of her books I've read at this point, but they're all very engaging, and this one is no exception.
  • Polar Bared on June 03, 2017

    One of the first books of Eve's that I bought. I've re-read it at least five times now, and it's just as exciting and endearing as it was the first time.
  • Outfoxed By Love on June 03, 2017

    The best part about the Kodiak Point series is how well you know different characters from other stories. Everything is interwoven beautifully and you know some of the backstory before you even start, making it a much more enjoyable read.
  • Holiday Abduction on June 03, 2017

    I love how strong and serious Jilly is. It made the conversations she had with Vhyl all the more interesting. Very well written and completely worth the time and money.
  • Kodiak's Claim on June 03, 2017

    Pretty sure this is the very first book of Eve's that I ever read. Didn't regret it then, and I don't now. I've reread it several times. If it were a paperback, it'd be very worn by now. Wonderful book.
  • Heroic Abduction on June 03, 2017

    Dyre is such a knucklehead, it's endearing. His personality definitely adds some humor to an already well-written story. Plan on rereading!
  • Swan And The Bear on June 03, 2017

    I really loved that Mason turned out to be much more than a playboy, and my curiosity was sated finding out what happened with Chase and Miranda. Awesome read!
  • Intentional Abduction on June 03, 2017

    I love that a woman took the reigns this time! Reading this made me buy all the other books in the abduction series. They're all equally interesting, funny, and romantic. This one in particular has become a classic reread.
  • Bunny and the Bear on June 03, 2017

    Great characters! I love the dynamic between Chase and Miranda, they're both so right for each other and the journey to them figuring that out is humorous as it is steamy. The sex makes you melt!
  • Accidental Abduction on June 03, 2017

    Read this and all the others in the series. Reminds me why i keep buying from Langlais' stash of books. Well worth every penny, although I'm done in one sitting!
  • Already Freakn' Mated on June 03, 2017

    I love the twist in this story! I'm used to the characters being unpaired, but the summary for this threw me for a loop! Wasn't sure how it would work out, but as always, Mrs. Langlais delivered. It was an awesome read
  • Mated to the Devil on June 03, 2017

    This one got me a tad emotional. I love both main characters and my romantic little heart just about gave out at the end. No one does happily ever after's like Eve.
  • Dating Cupid on June 03, 2017

    I need to start reviewing earlier because I'm done reading each book I buy from Eve in a day or less! I keep trying to pace myself but soon enough I'll be reading faster than she can crank them out. Only downside is that you'll get to the end of the book wishing there was more too read.
  • The Geek Job on June 03, 2017

    I love both characters. Lexie's badassery is really what I enjoyed the most. She's a lean, mean, leather-wearing killing machine. I wish there were more book to each couple's story, I'm always anxious to know more!
  • When A Lioness Pounces on June 05, 2017

    Thought that Gaston not being a shapeshifter might hinder the dynamic between him and Reba, but it only made it all the more interesting. Was skeptical of this series at first but now i want to read them all! It was very captivating, humorous, and steamy at the right moments.