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- Providing Tools and Awareness for self power, inner growth, and conscious development of an enlightened humanity and planet.
- Supporting anyone to deliberately create a world of mutual power and joy by living their own life of genuine Unconditional Love and authentic enlightenment.

LifeOfLight Media provides books and CDs created by Alexandria & Paul Walsh-Roberts, global transformation coaches, lightworkers, visionaries. The express purpose of these books and CDs is to support the self empowerment of humankind during the spiritual 'coming of age' being undertaken at this time by all our peoples and our world as a whole.

Our books and CDs offer awareness, understanding and practical tools to assist people, as individuals and groups, to take their destined place and fulfill their true purpose in this time of planetary ascension.

By providing this support, our intention is that our world and all who inhabit her would actively embrace their creator consciousness and genuine self-power by deliberately and courageously stepping away from the mass mindset of helplessness and victimhood.

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