Will Lonardo


For over a quarter of a century, Will Lonardo's experience as a Communicator has encompassed every creative regimen the word COMMUNICATIONS defines. As a promotional designer/writer, marketer, publicist, and event producer, he has served as a professional consultant to a diversity of clientele.

Attending The Philadelphia College of Art, he majored in Visual Communications/ Advertising. Recognized as an expert in "People Communications," Mr. Lonardo has provided expertise in the areas of College Relations & Development, Product & Service Presentation, Capital Fund Campaign Packaging, Employee Quality Programs, Business-to-Business Promotion, Consumer Sales & Awareness Events, Corporate/ Institutional Identity Campaigns and People Management.

While President/CEO of The Lonardo Group, a $3 million Advertising Agency, Mr. Lonardo administered and directed the firm during 17 years of client marketing successes. Example - Lehigh Valley Bank's name change (prior to Wells Fargo) and tri-county consumer image campaign was recognized by the Pennsylvania Bank Marketing Association for which the Agency and Bank received The Penn-Jer-Del Chapter "Penny Award" (Marketing the company). Example - For Chevrolet the Agency pioneered the Dealer Association concept which created a group advertising revenue base for joint regional group promotions. The Agency received marketing awards, industry recognition and nationwide editorial coverage from the N.A.R.B. for effective retail marketing.

Mr. Lonardo's innovative Communication style is further reflected by college lectures on visual communication, ongoing community commitments, plus six authored books to date and a screenplay.


Walls, A Metaphor, a narrative nonfiction, is based on an abandoned little boy's affliction with a rare disease and the abusive, troubled times in a boys' home that lead to his bitter and impotent years. It's a mother and son's story of the lost love between them. (Published by Dailey Swan.)

Where Have You Been Billy Boy? (Docudrama) Screenplay adaptation of Walls,
A Metaphor.

Hearts, Souls and Angels: The Coming of a Man, an allegorical fantasy of a struggling young artist who befriends an enigmatic old vagabond from another time and place.

The Painter, A Sequel To Life, Volume II of Hearts, Souls and Angels: The Coming of a Man, tells of the artist's moral rebirth and his prophetic painting, The Loving, that brings him notoriety for its reflection on love in contemporary times,as well as a close friendship with a sagelike woodcarver. He searches for his spirituality, questioning whether Jesus was the son of God, or the mortal son of Man.

Cape Song: Haunted Hearts, a contemporary fantasy fiction about a true but broken 1700s pirate love affair, and an unemployed 55-year-old adman's attempts to rewrite its history, which involves his daughter's haunted life in the present.

Mama’s Boy, The Family Within, a ’40s period fiction about a promising young boxer, who takes a dive, then flees with his mother from the Mafia's vendetta and finds sanctuary in an old Franciscan monastery in Pennsylvania's Blue Mountains.

Early American Shoo-Bop, a ’50s adventure novel centered around a gang of teenagers who befriend an eccentric archeologist. The first in a series of five, all of which are replete with Early American History, adventure and the paranormal.

Free-lance writing, an ongoing series of magazine articles written for KidsPeace (Kids in Crises), along with newspaper editorials that were devoted to the subjects of parenting and childrearing. Also researched and wrote a published piece in conjunction with the United States Air Force on the history of their Military Art Collection and Aviation Artist program.


Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce - Board Director (3 yrs.)
Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce - Chair, Communications Committee (3 yrs.)
Miller-Keystone Blood Center - Chairman of the Board (3 yrs.)
Hospital Central Services, Inc. - Board Director and Executive Committee, Vice
Chairman (9 yrs.). Board Chairman (1 yr.)
HCSC Enterprises, Inc. - Board Director and Vice Chairman (9 yrs.)
Celtic Classic (Highland Games) - Communication Committee
Pennsylvania Annual Vo-Tech "Skill Olympics" - Chair, Advertising Committee
March of Dimes - Fund raising "Jail & Bail" Committee and Event Publicity
First Step - Steering Committee for Bethlehem School District's Business/Education Partnership
Sales & Marketing Executives of the Lehigh Valley - Board Director (3 yrs.)
LifeFund Capital Fund Campaign/Blood Center - Vice Chairperson
Lehigh Valley AIDS Coalition - Public Relations Director
Bethlehem Tourism - Christmas Planning Committee
Bethlehem 250th Anniversary Celebration - Chair, Plant Tour/Open House
Lehigh Valley Pride - Advertising/Communications Committee Chairman
Miller-Keystone Blood Center - Advertising/ Communications Committee, Board Director and Chairman (9 yrs.), Development Committee, and Capital Fund Campaign Committee Corporate Fundraiser (11 yrs.)
Lehigh University - Assistant Baseball Coach (10 yrs.)
HLS Little League (500 kids) - Coach and League Vice President (4 yrs.)
Lehigh Valley Advertising Assoc. (Phila. Chapter) - Board Member
Saucon Valley Community Ctr. "Annual Golf Tournament" Fundraising Committee
The NDHS/Lonardo Writers Scholarship Fund


This member has not published any books.