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I write science fiction and fantasy. I am lesbian, and all of my book's main characters are also lesbian. I started writing as a result of not being able to find very many good sci-fi/fantasy stories with lesbian romance. I also avoid violence and horror. I do not believe it necessary to have bad things happen in order to make a good story. I have read several amazing stories from authors who have the most uplifting and inspiring stories that remain free of violence, and they are still full of adventure and excitement. I hope to write stories of that kind as well.

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  • Return from Exile on Nov. 20, 2011

    This was a nonstop adventure that kept me up all night. This book has all of the excitement and mystery of Bourne Identity, but much better! If you like spy stories with mysterious and dangerous beautiful women, romance, and action, you will love this story!
  • Second Chance on Nov. 22, 2011

    This book was so fun!!! It started interesting, and never slowed down to a dull moment. I've often wondered what I would do if I could start as a child again, but with all of my current memories intact. All of the fun you missed out on as a result of childish insecurity would be thoroughly relived. This is a story about a woman who was reincarnated in a child's body. The story completely captivates you as Tyra goes through her second chance at life focused on loving others, and being loved. I wish there were more stars for the review, because this is definitely a ten star story!
  • Mildred and Cecile on Nov. 24, 2011

    This just took the spot of my favorite book! It's such a lovely story, made more touching by the similarities to my own story. I think I could loose myself forever in Prudence's novels. The characters have so much personality and optimism that it is impossible not to love them. I've come to the conclusion that Prudence's books offer a lot better instruction in how to live a good life than the bible could ever hope to compete with. I guess that means she has just been elevated to Godhood;-)
  • Calan on Nov. 28, 2011

    This was definitely my favorite so far, but only by a little bit. You created a wonderful support system in this story for abused women, and showed them how to love life again. I think people who have never been victims don't understand how worthless a person can feel after being raped or habitually abused. The strength to not only get on with your life, but to rediscover your love of life as well, is the main theme I got out of this story. I had to read it twice in the last two days, just to relive the moments of such tender love and happiness shining throughout the story. Thank you for sharing such intimate parts of your life with us! You have helped at least one person;-)
  • Wildflower on Dec. 05, 2011

    I love this story! It kept me up all night, which is rare for me. Prudence definitely has a way with words that turns any story into a masterpiece. For the hundredth time, I am so glad I found this author!
  • Arctic Gale on Dec. 05, 2011

    I have always loved the plot line where prince charming shows up to save the damsel in distress. This story is much better, partly because there is no prince;-) The idea that there really is someone out there who can rescue you from all life's woes can be very tantalizing. What I enjoyed most was the kindness and love displayed throughout this story. It leaves you feeling happy and optimistic about life. Thank's Pru! You truly are a Goddess of wisdom and love!
  • Hope on Dec. 08, 2011

    This was such a wonderful story! I've missed another night of sleep as a result of not being able to put it down. My Prudence MacLeod library is starting to fill up, and now I'm worried about running out of new stories from her! Anyone who has suffered through an abusive relationship should definitely read this, but it is a story for everyone. I wish I could just stop sleeping altogether so I could slip into Prudence's world all the time;-) Thank you Prudence MacLeod, for another fantastic story!
  • Angela on Dec. 09, 2011

    God I loved this book! I feel like I am taking special courses on life, and how to live it to its fullest. This was a wonderful continuance of Calan. It left Riahna with another bundle of tissues to tear apart throughout the night. These wonderful books make me think there really are people in this world who find a true and lasting love. It feeds a part of my soul that was starving for attention. I cannot think of a more powerful set of books than those written by Prudence MacLeod. I just wish everyone had the chance to learn about them and enjoy the same sense of love and happiness reading her stories brings. Thank you again Pru, for sharing such a wonderful world with the rest of us!
  • Clan MacLeod on Jan. 08, 2012

    Another sleep-robbing book! I loved the way this story evolved, with each relationship growing stronger and more intimate. I can't wait for book 4 to come out!
  • Moira on Feb. 11, 2012

    I've read this twice now, and I'm seriously considering a third time. Seeing how people change when going from rags to riches has always fascinated me. Sometimes people turn greedy and selfish, while others become generous to a fault. This story showed the wonderful spirit of a giving soul. I was completely enthralled as the suspenseful romance slowly grew closer to maturity between Moira and Brenda. It was a delightful story to read during a very stressful period. I am very grateful to the friend who let me read it on his iPhone until I could get a copy for myself. Putting the first chapter of the next book at the end of the story was pure torture! I'm so glad Prudence MacLeod produces books so quickly! Thanks a million for the delightful story, sure!