Lora Lee Allen


I prefer logic and reason over appeals to emotion, but I can get pretty emotional. I don't often know or understand the right thing to say or do in a situation, but I almost always wish I did.

Most times she's an INTJ but sometimes she's an INTP. Sometimes she walks around oozing masculinity and sometimes she enjoys a bit of femininity and sometimes it's both and sometimes it's none. Sometimes she loves talking to strangers and other times she's scared to leave her house.

Sometimes she's all things to all people and other times she just can't be what you want her to be.

I studied Philosophy and Psychology at West Virginia University. She's been a missionary, long haul truck driver, photographer, telemarketer (I'm sorry), and cook. The only constant has been writing.

If you enjoy my work, please let me know at: logickate@gmail.com

If you don't enjoy my work, please let me know why at: logickate@gmail.com

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