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  • Enchanted Hearts on Feb. 15, 2013

    Do you remember when you where a child and your mother would sit on your bed and read you a fairy tale, one so magical you dream of fairies and princes and a land where all things came true and made you believe? That’s what he author Belinda Boring has done, She created a fairy tale for the adult. It’s a tale of a young girl Aithne who is on the threshold of becoming a woman. She meets Hardrian, he is a Fae, a mythical creature who exists in another world. She was mesmerized by him, enchanted. She quickly falls in love with him even after he tells her they are from two different worlds. William her childhood friend has never stopped thinking about Aithne and is now ready to declare his feelings for her. Confused by the confessions of both William and Hardrian Aithne must make a decision which one will win her love. Amazing characters, first we have Aithne who grew up listening of the tales of the Fae and fairies who existed in a secret world and William her brother’s best friend who soon stole her heart and then Prince Hardrian Strongbow who was enchanted by a human, Aithne. The world Hardrian showed Aithne was one of wonder, magic and beauty. The world William offered was a life of human love a bond that would surely last their entirety. I loved this tale of make believe; Magically delicious!!
  • The Party on Feb. 15, 2013
    (no rating)
    Oh Aidan you were a man-whore! It's a good thing Emma came into your life and won your heart with all the love it holds. You two were meant to be together, and I know you were just waiting for her to walk into your life!
  • Music of the Heart on March 26, 2013

    Abby Renard is an angel. Her heart and soul saved a man, Jake Slater the lead singer of the rock band Runaway Train. Picture this; the pure virginal daughter of missionaries gets on the wrong bus on her way to meet her brother’s Christian band “Jacob’s Ladder” to join them on tour. She ends up on the “Runaway Train” tour bus and into the arms of the notorious gorgeous Jake Slater. After a bet that she doesn’t have what it would take to remain on their bus for a week Abby decides to prove him wrong, what she didn’t expect was that she would fall for him and hard! Jake see’s Abby as a conquest, a beautiful feisty woman and he’s plans on being her first. As Abby gets to know Jake she discovers he’s a tormented shell of a man who hides his feelings and she plans on discovering why. I loved Abby she was a strong confident and compassionate woman. Jake on the other hand is a man slut who will sleep with any groupie willing to drop their panties for him and there had been plenty only to realize he was the one being used by all the groupies, not one of them cared about him they only wanted bragging rights that they *slept* with the rocker. The author Katie Ashley has produced another hit, with a roller coaster of up and downs as Abby endures the good and the bad side of Jake. He can be one mean son of a bitch and Abby’s goodness and strength aided in her forgiveness. Oh, did I not mention the hot and steamy encounters, after all he is a manwhore!
  • Christmas Blitz on Dec. 13, 2016

    Damn, I really enjoyed this book. Sweet and amusing mixed some laugh out loud moments. Holly Clifford plans on leaving town to pick up the pieces of her life when Nick Shaw rolls into town. He wants to buy a home, she’s a realtor selling one. No strangers to one another, he was the high school jock and she the nerdy invisible girl. Time has changed both. They really are a cute couple. I adored them! Horse drawn carriage rides, a tree lighting ceremony make it a festive holiday read. Soft love scene with a magical ending gets you ready to celebrate the joy of the season.