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L’rain is a Mother and Grandmother. She enjoys Writing, Art, and Photography. She is a Doctor of Natural Medicine who specializes in colour and light therapy and nutrition. She believes the child in everyone needs to be loved, supported and nurtured for optimal health and well-being. Her teaching experience enhances the usefulness of this unique book. A combined use of imagination
Intellect, intuition and inspiration


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Smashwords book reviews by L' rain McConnell

  • Parallel Worlds: Nothing is as it seems on Nov. 17, 2010

    This is a must read ! Fasten your seat belt, relax and enter the space between the space where magic and miracles take place. Heather is a fantastic story teller and engages the reader on all levels of consciousness. This is a mind expanding , heart felt novel that touches the formless as it is expressed through teenagers who find themselves journeying to a place that defies categorization. You will find yourself joining them as they learn to see the unseen and hear the inaudible. What a wonderful adventure. Love it! L McConnell DNM PhD Author 'What if the Rainbow is a Place'