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Originally started in 2005, Lot's Cave has become the source for controversial and taboo eBooks. Right from the start, Lot’s Cave has made a commitment to handle content many publishers won’t. Focusing primarily on Incest Erotica, Lot’s Cave soon found itself immersed in an abundance of readers and authors alike.

Putting its authors first, Lot’s Cave soon expanded to include a wide range of controversial material. While many sites cracked down on content, Lot’s Cave embraced the growing trends we see today. Wanting to create an industry standard, Lot’s Cave specializes in eBook formatting.

Publishing numerous erotic eBooks, Lot's Cave is proud to find itself beloved by its many authors. As a company, Lot’s Cave prides itself on putting authors first. All eBooks published through Lot’s Cave can expect the same author resources, marketing advice, and most importantly, the same chance to succeed. Whether you’re a reader or an author, Lot’s Cave looks forward to new additions within our growing industry and community.

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