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I'm Dr.Louis G Rabaud,Ph.D. I'm the eldest son of Joseph Marcel Rabaud and Marie Regina Grandpaul. My father was a chef by trade. And my mother was more or less a housewife.
I'm a very happy married man. And I've a lovely family which I cherish and spend most of my time with. My wife's name is Lucette. We have four children. Two boys and two girls. Mirella, Daniel, Diana and Jonathan. We had been married for 39-years.Our marriage still going strong and we are very happy together.

My parents were very poor. Funny enough! The father of my grand mother came from France. He was rich man, but not that rich. His name was Auguste Theodore Bechard. Unfortunately,my other great grand father,my father's grand dad, he was a poor man. He came from India I was told. I don't even know his name to be honest. I don't know their actual religions neither. But I know for sure, that both of my parents were Catholic. Including myself and my two brothers, Guy and Claude.

At times, work was very hard to find on the island. Unemployment was very high indeed. Many youngsters were lazy about in the street's corners. As it was in war-time,the only way out was to join the British Army. I think that it was fair to say, that it was not everyone's cup of tea, to leave the country they love and their family behind to go to war in the foreign lands

Whereas for my dad, he was not a proud man.He will do anything which came his way; in order to feed his family. Very often, he had to do odd jobs to make the two ends meet. It happened, that even the odd jobs were bocoming scarce and very hard to find. He did not have a car. These days, it was too expensive to buy a car or to own one. With that in mind,he never bothered to learn to drive. When he was out of work, he used his old Hooper bicycle to ride long distances to look for work around the towns and villages. It came to a time,when enough was enough for him. He was fed up and tired of looking for work. And finally his mind was made up. He came to a decision to join the British Army.

Rest assured, that we were not the only family on the island who was poor. There were hundred of other families who were in the same situation like us. Let's say, that we were one of the stories to tell. My parents was so tight in money wise. They can't even afford to buy me a pair of shoes to go to school. I had to walk miles bare-footed to attend school. Most of the time, I attended school with half-full stomach.At times, I felt the crunch of being hungry. I lost weight and became so thin. I looked more or less like a bamboo tree. And walked sideways in a bad weather condition.

My parents used to make a lot of sacrifices to survive the crunch and the hardship of life. We very rarely ate meat during week days. Meat was the delicacy only for special occasions and sometimes on Sundays. We used to eat meat only when my parents were able and afford to buy some. Sometimes, even on Sundays we had to go without meat. And at times, we went without eating meat for weeks; as the money which came in at the end of the week was just enough to pay the bills.

Instead, we used to eat salted dried fish. Which cost a lot cheaper than fresh fish. My parents used to cook salted fish with tomatoes and mixed vegetables. And served with boiled rice or maize. I used to like my mother's cooking very much. But I don't think salted fish is everyone's liking!

Originally, I came from the little island of Mauritius, which is situated in the middle of nowhere in the Indian Ocean. I speak English, French and the Mauritian's Creole, which is more or less, the everyday language of the island. I attended the Primary and Secondary schools in Mauritius. But I obtained all my degrees when I arrived in the uk.

I started to work when I was in Mauritius. For about 5-years, I worked as Special Constabulary Police in the Mauritius Police Force. Then I decided to join the Admiralty Police at HMS Mauritius, where I was acting sergeant and dog-handler. I spent 7-years with the Admiralty Police. And in November 1971, I got married. Then both my wife and I, flew to England in November 1972. Straightaway, I joined the Portsmouth HM Docyard as Skilled-Labourer.As the job was not to my liking, I decided to joined the GPO Portsmouth Sorting Office, now Royal Mail. I started as an ordinary delivery postman. And from there, I made my way up to the manager's rank. My job was to deal with the dispatching of the first class mail. Which included the National and International mail. I was also responsible for Health & Safety. But even so, I had never stopped with my study. I kept carry on. And at the end it paid off big time.

I had also been involved in the Primary School Governor's venture, and which I spent 4-long years with.It was fun but very demanding. It was a voluntary and unpaid job.

I was also a V.I.P. Member of the Empire Who's Who, I was qualified for the inclusion in the 2005-2006, edition of the Empire Who's Who Registry of Executives and Professionals.

And in 2007, I became a V.I.P. Member of The Cambridge Who's Who. And I was again qualified for inclusion in the 2007-2008 edition of the Cambridge Who's Who Registry of Executives and Professionals.

In 2007, the Board of Directors Governing Board of Editors and Publications Board of the ( A.B.I.) American Biographical Institute did hereby recognize me, and I was chosen for Distinguished Standing and I was conferred with an Honorary Appointment to the Research Board of Advisors.

In 2008, and here again, the A.B.I. did hereby recognized me, and I was appointed a Charter Fellow of Distinguished Standing and I was conferred with an Honorary Appointment to the Advisory Directorate International.

On the 25th of May 1995,awarded with my BA Degree through the I.T.U. International Theological University of Pasadena,State of California, USA.--- BACHELOR OF ARTS ---BUSINESS ETHICS---Honors in Economics/International Technology and in Business Administration.

On the 25th of May 2002,awarded with my MA Degree again through the I.T.U. Internatioal Theological University of Pasadena, State of California, USA.--- MASTER OF ARTS --- INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ETHICS --- Honors in Economics/Counselling and in Human Resources Management.

On the 10th of March 2005, awarded with my Ph.D.
Degree again through the I.T.U. International Theological University of Pasadena, State of California, USA. --- DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY--- in Christian Theology --- with Honors in Religious Education --- And in Church Administration.

In November 2008, I was hereby presented a Master Diploma for specialty honors in Economics and Business Administration. Given by the World Academy of Letters in the United States of America. For having fulfilled the requirements of the nomination for this honor - With the rights, privileges and powers useful and necessary to the just and proper discharge of this DIPLOMA.

Briefly, I can describe myself as an extremely kind and gentle mannered person. A family man, who abounds in Christian's ideals and values. I'm always ready and willing to help others of less fortunate than myself, within the congregation and neighbourhood --- in their needs, both spiritual and in their daily trials and misfortunes of life.I'm most sincere and genuine within my approach and calling to the working of the church and other associated tasks. I'm a Special Minister of the Eucharist. Please, don't be confused, I'm not a priest as such, but I like to help the priest when it is needed. And that gives me a great feeling to administer this role fully. Besides of all these, I see myself to be a person of high integrity, who is a highly valued member of the local community. I considered myself as a leader in my own right;in the active community participation. I believe,that I'm a honest man of good character which leads by example.To say the least,I'm a very ambitious man.

People always asked me,
''What made me leave my beautiful warm island to come and live in England?''
This is a question which had many answers. When the island of Mauritius was ceded to Independence on the 12th of March 1968, I knew for sure, that it was the begining of the end for everything of this beautiful island which I loved so much! I was so scared and frightened of what would be the outcome of a country which is so small to manage on its own? Or what would be the future of a country where despite its European colonial history,two-thirds of the population were and still are of Indian extraction - descendants of contract workers who were brought in to work the sugar plantations after the abolition of slavery in 1835. The rest of the population were mostly Creole, decendants of African slaves and French settlers.As the economic problems grew, behind the scene, Mauritius was facing increasing political and social tensions between these two groups. High unemployment was not helping neither. These were the major problems facing the country. And which really made me thinking.In pure honesty,I just don't want my children to suffer the same ordeals I enjured during my childhood. And that was of course one of the main reasons; as why I left my mother country Mauritius to start a new way of life in the uk. And which once people used to call, '' The Land of Opportunities''

I'm very fond of reading and writing. I like swimming, walking and jogging as well. In my young age, I used to do boxing a lot, playing soccer, doing karate and ride my push bike to and from work.

As mentioned above,I do like soccer,that's including volley-ball, boxing, karate, cycling, dancing, watching a good film or soccer on tv on the Satirday night.I do like traveling a lot.

I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol too much or too often. But I do like a good meal with a glass of red wine. Go out with the family and friends every now and then for a nice meal to the best restaurants in town.

Dr. Louis G Rabaud, BA(Hons.), MA, M.Dip., Ph.D

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