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Smashwords book reviews by loumac46

  • HARD! Maintaining Potency, Eliminating Erectile Dysfunction, and Enjoying Healthy Sex for Life on July 18, 2011

    Hard!Maintaining Potency, etc., is an interesting read. Robin Ader writes as though he is talking to you, man to man. He has several personal anecdotes concerning his own sexual history so you know he is someone who has been there, done that, and then found that as he "matured" he was unable to do that anymore. After trying the usual pills and other treatments, he began researching more holistic remedies for ED. He has come up with a plan that includes both diet and lifestyle changes. If your ED is caused by diabetes, circulatory problems, or obesity, following Mr. Ader's recommendations may be a help to you. If you suffer from ED due medical conditions such as prostate surgery or other treatments for cancer that may have damaged the nerves controlling erection, this book has little to help you, but it is still informative and worth the $5.00 e-book price