Lovely Porch


Full Name :
Katintip Tanarmaythaporn
Pen Name : Lovelyporch
Place of Birth :
Bankok, Thailand, grew up in Bangkok.
Occupation :
Writer ,Editor and Musical Theatre Singer
Education :
Faculty of Law, Assumption University
Nawamintarachinutit Tream Udom Suksa Nomklaw School (High School)
ST.John School (Primary,Grade1-9)
Favorite Quotation :
As a man think,He is.
Activities and Interests :
Singing, Reading and Dancing
Some of my works
*50 Christmas Gifts and 25 Gifts Wrap Ideas for
Christmas, New Year and Special Holidays
*SEX = The Unknown Quantity THE SPIRITUAL FUNCTION OF SEX [Annotated with biographical background and Bonus-Spice Up You Sex Life With Levitra] [Kindle Edition]
*THE NEW HEAVENS BY GEORGE ELLERY HALE [Annotated and Numerous Illustration] [Kindle Edition]
*CHAMBER MUSIC Classical Irish Poetry By James Joyce (Illustrated) [Kindle Edition]
*Ethel Morton and the Christmas Ship - The Original Classic Christmas Story by Mabell S. C. Smith [Kindle Edition]
*WARM - The Original Classic Sci-Fi Short Stories By ROBERT SHECKLEY [Kindle Edition]
*One man's poison - The Original Classic Science Fiction By ROBERT SHECKLEY [Kindle Edition]
*Ask A Foolish Question - The Original Classic Sci-Fi Stories (Science Fiction) By ROBERT SHECKLEY [Kindle Edition]
*THE LEECH - The Original Classic Sci-Fi Stories (Science Fiction) By PHILLIPS BARBEE and ROBERT SHECKLEY [Kindle Edition]

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