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I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio; a mid-western community that I believe offers great opportunity while also keeping tradition and morals intact.

At an early age, I would write to satisfy my need to reach other people. If I wasn’t writing to a friend or journaling my thoughts, I was creating a framed work of art, or trying my hand at a poem or two; one of which that published in The National Library of Poetry.

Through my passion for writing, and the variety of life experiences of over fifty years, I received my knowledge and expertise from a whole host of connections. Predominantly, I have lived what I write, which basically means that I am a student of life. However, through other opportunities that I received: my television debut in Dayton, Ohio, being featured in Cincy Chic’s magazine, interviewed by WNKU public radio, being a guest on WXIX Fox 19’s live studio audience show, Cincinnality, and becoming an eWomenNetwork member, I continue to make connections and create opportunities that allow me to learn, along with sharing my passion and purpose; that is, LOVING WITH PURPOSE.

First, let me tell you my purpose:

•My goal is to inspire men and women and enrich their self-confidence so they take the best of themselves out into the world.
•My hope is that they find the information they need to gain clarity in their relationships.
•My dream is for women to begin again by building their own self-worth; taking steps to enhance their life this very instant.
•My quest is to see palpable change in the way people treat each other and themselves.

I am the author of Loving with Purpose, a website and book written to help people create better relationships by raising their self-esteem and standards. I am also the author of The Mindful, Intentional YOU which helps people become more conscious in their choices. As a writer and presenter, I share techniques and tools that offer immediate and long-lasting benefits. My advice covers an array of topics, including dating, marriage, family concerns, and other issues that occur in relationships. My book, Loving with Purpose, has helped many individuals and couples who were struggling in a relationship, along with others who simply wanted to enhance their connections. I base my philosophy on conscious loving, higher self-awareness, and making choices that work.

As a student of life, I believe that good or bad, personal experience is the best teacher. With that said, the goal for many of us is to steer clear of the bad and advance directly toward good encounters. Learning to avoid any negative impact is a major time saver and a must for personal well-being.

I’m a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and author. I have three adult children, one of my own and two added by marriage. We are all grown up now, but relationships are relationships, and everyone has their own individual personalities, no matter what age. Having multiple family roles provides the opportunity to view relationships from a mixture of perspectives. When situations arise, it is helpful to see another person’s point-of-view when participating in a blended family.

My history of talent ranges from producing and presenting instructional material and business solutions for business leaders, management and leadership courses, personal development, diversity, and technical training, to website creation and graphic design of various types of educational material. My work in human resources, along with my technical ability, provided me opportunities to combine my talents, expanding my efforts to achieve success personally and professionally.

I have a deep desire to help others avoid situations that hamper their self-esteem and hold back their dreams. I believe my writing encourages them to find happiness within, to stand up for themselves, and to find the courage to do what needs to be done.

The inspiration to write Loving with Purpose came to me at dinner one night; simply by watching a couple make their way to a table. That was it! Since then I’ve taken the long road of putting what I know to paper. The words will be useful in your own experiences, and you will set your sights on what you really want. You have the ability to create your own image of what you want from your connections.

For men and women alike…it is the smallest of things we do that make the biggest difference in our lives…and in our children’s lives.

Enjoy and grow!

Kimberly Mitchell

BOOKS: Loving with Purpose - The Journeys You Take, The Choices You Make

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, I have held close to my midwestern values. I think where I live influences my writing through a set of standards that are a bit more conservative than some other places in the world. Still, I think age is a factor to my style of writing because with each generation there is a change in thinking.
When did you first start writing?
Apparently, I started writing sooner than I thought! I put my pen to paper writing Loving with Purpose in December, 2007, but did write a bit of poetry and letters throughout my life. Since then, I've ran across some of my high school friends and old beaus who made comments such as, "I always knew you would write" or "Congrats on finishing the book." The last comment didn't make any sense to me because I hadn't even started writing my book back then (fifteen years ago) and couldn't imagine how he knew! I asked the same question to them each time..."How did you know?" They would tell them that I always was writing or that I talked about writing a book.

What I learned from these early year interactions is that although I must have had the intention to write, I was not being conscious about my decisions early on. Today, it gives me great pleasure to know that I am doing exactly what I apparently intended all along.
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The Mindful, Intentional YOU
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Discover how to be conscious in an unconscious world. Being intentional in all you say and do changes how you see the world and yourself. Read one or all of the daily motivations; to put the power back into your hands…giving you the ability to control your reaction to life. How you show up is up to’s your choice.

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