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Smashwords book reviews by Lisa Penington

  • The Meyersco Helix on Sep. 29, 2011

    I must declare an interest - I was sent this to read and review by the author. It was no chore. The story kept me interested and turning pages all the way along. I believe this has been re-written or updated from an earlier version but it's very much up to date. It's a fast moving thriller with a moral dilemma. Does the President of the USA press the button on Boston rather than letting the world be consumed by a terrifying chemical weapon? The characters are well drawn and the author writes the female protagonist extremely well. We are with Stella all the way in her fight to discover what has caused her fiance's injuries and to get him to safety. The 'baddies' are very bad and the 'goodies' are human beings. What more could you want? A very good read.
  • IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID a Rhodes Scholar Education in One Hour on June 10, 2012

    Accessible to those who haven't studied economics and still interesting for those who have, this is a whirlwind view of economics through the ages. Well worth reading and great as a reference book and guide to further reading.