Liam Lusk


I was born in Paisley, Scotland and moved to England at the age of 8 where I spent my childhood.

My involvement in the business world began over 20 years ago in London where I started my professional career in the theatre industry at the world famous London Palladium theatre.

After moving to Korea in 2001 I became involved in the presentation and English communication coaching sector.

I have been an active person on the internet since 2006 having run both successful blogs and businesses.

I now spend my time lecturing on presentation skills, social media and running my consulting company.

I live with my wife and daughter in Seoul, Korea.

I also co-author English learning books and children's books with Scott Worden who is from Monterey Park, California, USA.

Scott and I first met in Seoul, South Korea 2005. Due to our combined experience in teaching young learners' English, Scott's knowledge of helping children with special needs, and my experience as a father we decided to also write material for young children.

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Rudi James
Latest book: Alex and the Samurai King. Published November 10, 2015.

Smashwords book reviews by Liam Lusk

  • Alex and the Realm People [2nd. edition] on Oct. 28, 2012

    Although this book is for older children I still found it engaging as an adult. The way in which Rudi James describes the adventures of Alex (the main character) are both exciting and refreshing making a page turning book. I originally read this book as I often coach people in English communication and I am always looking for books that are good for English learners. I would highly recommend this book for any English learner. Whether you are an older child looking for adventure, an adult looking for an engrossing and original read or an English learner looking for a book to help you with your descriptive English I highly recommend this book.
  • Alex and the Seventh Realm on June 15, 2013

    A sequel that improves on the first book Alex and the Seventh Realm is another great read from Rudi James. Having read his first book 'Alex and The Realm People' for the purpose of finding a suitable book for my English communication students and being pleasantly surprised I thought I would also read the sequel. As with his first book Rudi James has created a book of adventure with a multitude of reasons to turn the next page with magic crystals, warlocks, sorcerers and more awaiting you. I feel that the writing style of Rudi James has improved with this sequel and look forward to more books from him. Highly recommended.