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Lucien Black started writing in 1991, hoping to break into the comic book industry. He paired himself with several writers and artists and helped to produce an independent comic book that was met with great reception. However, the life of an independent comic book publisher is a rough one and without the right funding, the company eventually shut down.

Black did not give up, he spent the next several years writing comic book scripts and stories. He submitted stories to the numerous comic book publishers in the industry, but was never given the chance to break in.

Two years ago, Lucien, with the backing and support of his wife, began re-writing his comic book scripts into short stories and thus No Vacancies, Vol. 1 was developed.

Black currently resides in Orange County, Ca with his wife and children. He is currently working on the next volume of No Vacancies.

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  • Evolution of Insanity on June 14, 2011

    "True curiosity comes forth in further pursuit of understanding and knowledge. Go ahead, take the first sip." The above line, written by Daswani himself from the short story Kripaal, offers a great teaser to the consciously written prose, Evolution of Insanity. In his book, Daswani offers a compilation of short stories, though more essay format, writings and, often times, ramblings of a writer that took painstaking care to use his words to interpret, rather sculpt, an intricate description of struggle, life, God, and many other concepts. This is definitely not light reading, and one can find themselves, and they should, contemplating the meaning behind, motivation behind and thought process behind each tale. There is very little material that offers up what this book delivers. From a writer's lament to philosophical conversations, Evolution of Insanity is brimming with thought provoking ideas, philosophical insights and strong prose. Go ahead, take the first sip and read this book.