Luis Fernando


When it was born in Cheerful Oporto, Rio Grande do Sul. Before even of finishing the first series it could read and write. I passed good part of my childhood in the front of one it had assisting tokusatsus (seriate of it had Japanese with actors dressed up as heroes who face monsters, ex.: jaspion) what were passing in extinguished it had headline, good I must not say what that did so that one created creative jokes and that with the time it was starting to draw stories, shortly afterwards in the adolescence it came fall in love and then it draws pickaninnies (HQs) las like thrush in mine s school exercise books, in this time vein that would be my total passion hard what it ties the days of today. I knew liven up them, through riders of the Zodiac (it always shears tv headline, she) with that I entered in a world really I tick in creativity. The Japanese creations of liveliness are not only a cartoon like the westerners, and a different process where has whose enormous dosage of creativity the author transmits a message. And I must say something incredible, be able to pass a message to his public who will be remembered by much time and my objective like writer. A dream of being a member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters of the academy of letters can be possible, but alone after it manages to write a work that will be remembered by the reader in such a way that it spends years and he still remembers himself of the story that I wrote. This would be a realization that would satisfy me my complex and selfish ego.


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