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Smashwords book reviews by LUIS ARROYO, Sr

  • Jane Eyre: A Play in One Act on March 24, 2012

    Jane Eyre is a girl who at a young age is taken to a boarding school because her mother can not make combie attitude, always based on lies and deceit. Inside the conservatory meets his best friend that is sick because of an illness contracted in the conservatory. After the death of her best friend Jane promises that whenever someone is on the verge of death must remain at his side. The story is based on dialogues between different characters, this makes it increasingly get involved in the role of the characters. I recommend the book as can be seen as a little girl mature through several stages is good and bad but always bearing in mind that should help people even in bad times and why not be at his side when in bed of death. Top 5 highly recommended.
  • A Christmas Carol: A Play in One Act on March 24, 2012

    Amazing conversation it is a one-act execute that is predicted to be 'enacted' over the air channels. So, the execute is based upon mostly on the language and the seems to be. Scrooge is a miser. He makes his personnel, Bob Cratchit provide your very best for him, but will pay him very less. Actually, he hates offering him a holiday even for Xmas. He does not believe in Xmas and calls it 'humbug' (meaning 'nonsense'). Scrooge's affiliate, E Marley, is dead. His examine seems to be before part of him on the night time before Xmas. E Marley wants to 'reclaim' Scrooge. He wants to make him a better personal. So, he provides three mood to help him comprehend way of life differently. I recommend the book so entertaining and well-shaped structure of scenes whose script a story makes it seem real. I stay mostly with the scene 3 Various places in Scrooge's past, but all the other scenes are just as good and entertaining, in a short time the book is getting into the characters making you reafirmes as one of them, I love SCROOGE, thanks to author for this great script, I would like to hear on the radio or on television must be stunning.
  • Dracula: A Play in One Act on March 24, 2012

    Based on the classical literature of the countless novels that have been made to date in both the one hundred and in the books, like a movie with real actors. Dracula needs of human blood and will not stop until it does. The character that I stay on this and other books of Dracula is with Harker. Fiction, Horror, undead, a novel all with different innovative approach in my opinion.