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Lucy grew up amidst the rolling downs of Sussex on a diet of Brat-Pack movies and Jackie Collins novels.

While these brought a lot of oft-times elicit joy to her teenage years, when she finally came of age Lucy was disappointed to realise that romance wasn't automatically conducted on million pound yachts at the mercy of someone called Brick, or beneath a desk with an overly pierced teenager who said he was seventeen but looked thirty.

In light of this revelation, Lucy decided to create little worlds of her own where she could fall in love with men with shiny bodies and an accent that made them sound exotic rather than weird.

This failed and she ended up writing books about relationships a lot like her own: sometimes confusing, sometimes embarrassing and too often peppered with stupid mistakes.

To this she adds a touch of glamour because, well, everyone deserves a little artistic license.

In her real world Lucy has lived in Philadelphia, Sheffield, Nottingham, Lincoln and London. She has two cats which caused her to panic five years ago when The Guardian published an article saying that men wouldn't date women who had more than one cat. Gladly she proved them all wrong and is now happily married to the only real hero she ever managed to bribe into dating her. She now lives with them all in the Hampshire countryside, thankfully only fifty minutes from London.

How To Write A Love Song is her fourth novel.

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