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  • 45 Free Reiki Attunements on April 09, 2012

    When 3 years ago I have 'met' Chris Comish's writings for the first time I knew, I felt, that I had met a genuine and pure Soul, one of the kindest infact that I have ever known. By time what I have learnt is that Chris'books are not just books: they are embedded with Deep Love and Will to Enlighten all those he comes across with. The very first time I have held one I felt energy in my hands and all around my body. It would take many pages to tell the stories of the many people that he has touched with his heart and his presence. When you buy this book, I invite "you" Reader and Seeker to search beyond the surface, beyond the "hhmmm how much I paid for it ..." or "does it contain what I am supposed to receive" ....: I really invite you to Feel the Love, because if you should know the love it contains and the love that its author has for you, me, all ... then you would not feel the need for these questions anymore. TO THE READER & SEEKER: you may never imagine how the life of many has changed after they "met" Chris Comish.