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  • Broken, Memoirs on Sep. 04, 2012

    A very touching account of a sad family abuse. So many broken lives. This biography is easy to follow and read the disturbing account of a child being abused by an obsessed violent and controlling man towards his wife and children. I can relate in a very small portion being a adult chils of an alcoolic mother. This was not made up sadly too many children grow up surviving these abuses. Sadly no one seems to notice or care. I strongly recommend the reading of this book. It takes lots of courage to write ones story and expose this abuse. The healing is a life long journey, this is a way of helping out all the broken children by acknowledging their pain and the reality they sufferred. Like I usually say about my shatterred childhood: it was not made up I really lived the ordeal. Broken is a sad account of too many realities we should not shut on eyes on it. Thank you for sharing the permanent healing will come from our creator God.