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Smashwords book reviews by luthien

  • Heart of Glass on July 24, 2011

    “Heart of glass” is about Kat Fordham, a young woman who spends the summer with her sister’s family in South Carolina. Her sister has put Kat on a tight leash and wants her to be a part of the High Society so she can marry befitting her rank. But Kat has a different idea of her life and has already applied for a scholarship at a small-town college. While spending the summer in South Carolina she meets – and falls in love with – Danny Flannery. They spend a wonderful time together until Kat’s sister meets Danny and threatens to destroy the relationship. Six years later Kat Fordham has become Kate Donovan, a journalist who has to write a story about Danny’s firm. When the two meet again all hell breaks loose, but soon Danny discovers that his hatred for Kate is not as big as he thought. The story starts with a long prologue that tells how Kat and Danny meet and fall in love. Bit by bit the reader learns more about Kat, her ongoing fight with her sister and the effort to get away from her sister’s influence and search for a husband for Kat. Kat is a normal young woman who never had the chance to really be young. She always had to live the way her sister wanted her to, but with Danny she discovers more of the world she shouldn’t be interested in in the first place. It is only after Kat’s sister forces her to end the relationship with Danny that Kat finds out about her family’s big secret that brings down the roof on her head. As already mentioned the prologue is pretty long, and I have to admit that bothered me a little. Not because it’s not interesting, but because you are dying to find out what happens to Danny and Kate in the now. However, without the prologue the story wouldn’t even be half as good because it is absolutely necessary to know the background to understand what happens to the couple later on. Danny’s reaction at the end of the book when he believes a complete stranger who’s telling him he is Kate’s fiancé was somehow irritating. Danny doesn’t even give Kate the chance to explain. I can understand his reaction somehow, but it seemed to be a little too much. Kate doesn’t wear a ring (and which happily engaged woman wouldn’t?), and the fact that Kate’s alleged fiancé makes an appearance with the mother she despises should have set the alarm bells off in Danny. But apart from this reaction, “Heart of glass” is a wonderful love story with nice characters and – of course – a happy-end.