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  • Alpha Redemption on April 12, 2011

    How far does a man have to travel to find God? In Alpha Redemption, P.A. Baines sends Brett Denton, along with every reader, on a fifty trillion mile round-trip journey through space and time to find out. Most men dream of the opportunity to start over, to have the chance to undo mistakes of the past and remake choices so important in life. Regret, fear and anger all come to play on Brett’s heart as he finally faces the turmoil of his past and wrestles with questions as deep as space itself. His one companion is Jay, the computer with a heart of gold. The Scripture says, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” If this defines real friendship, then Jay is a true and loyal friend. With the curiosity of a child, coupled with wisdom born of innocence, Jay helps Brett to rediscover the value of faith and the power of real love. In this Sci-fi adventure, Baines builds the Christian message one hyper-jump at a time. Alpha Redemption is a captivating, page-turning story that will insist you keep going until the final word. Once you’re drawn into the dual tracts of Brett’s life, the story unfolds with deep emotion, laugh-out-loud humor and an occasional sense of panic as you journey with Brett into the deep reaches of space, returning back to earth with the past and present finally, ultimately reconciled. If you enjoy Science Fiction, coupled with a strong Christian message, I can highly recommend Alpha Redemption. Reviewed by: Rev. Michael Duncan