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  • Her Dark Destiny (Hunters of the Dark #1) on Oct. 28, 2011

    Big Big BIG SPOILER ALERT!!! This book gave me so many emotions that I'm ready to burst. The story it's "about" Shanna. A 18 years old teenager who lost her parents in the hands of demons and now she seeks for revenge. For a little twisted round of destiny, she become a part of The Agency, where she get to fight the "bad guys" in the company of other hunters. The writting gets a little to gore, and sometimes you have to wear a coat so you don't get your clothes full of blood. It didn't make me sick just because I didn't stop to read all the letters in the book (sorry Dave.. ) There are so many different characters that I was lost in the first 3 chapters of the story. Don't get me wrong, all the characters are good and they have a history that's worth a lot of more pages, even the stupid Brett "I can do it all day". Shanna it's a little to Zoey aka House of Night. That thing of the human boyfriend vampire boyfriend didn't go well with Zoey and I really don't think it's going to work with Shanna, that little preview of the second book didn't sound good for the poor Cameron. Jade it's worth the book completely. She should be the main character and that's because I do love a person who can stand out in the croud and said "Hey! I'm gay and I don't really care what you think". Actually I think she should pounch the poor excuse of brother she has. Jordan. OMG! Jordan was the reason I have to let the book aside, not one but two times, the second time I was ready to throw my laptop off the window. Poor Noel, if he's as handsome as the author said he's, he should get a better boyfriend. I really REALLY hate Jordan. That lame monologue where he can't define if he was o wasn't gay, and what the Church said, what would people said! and his sister was so proud of her homosexuality! I just couldn't make it. I think I jump a few pages just to know that he kiss the gay in the end... Jordan is a pussy! Now that I get it out of my chest.. let me continue... The others characters are really good. Natalia, Amelia and Rachel are three deadly women who I really don't want to jump in the street. Well... maybe except for Rachel, we could be shopping friends. The men are a little lazy, if you ask me. Brett is such a excuse for a guy and the preview of the new book where Cameron stop the action that Shanna want to start it's already giving me a headache without even reading the book. In conclusion, the plot is really, really good. It remind me a little bit of The Mortal Instruments, but it's really refreshing not reading about one single type of monster/mythology creature/whatever. I just think that Dave Ferraro should embrace the really important characters or make a book of every single one of them so we can get to know them a little bit better.