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Lana Voynich has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. A love of books was instilled early by her parents and when she ran out of reading material in her childhood home, she started making up her own stories. Once she even wrote a story about a frog stealing a car on the back of a tissue box while trapped in the car on a family road trip.

Lana often wonders what happens to the people in her dreams when she wakes, so she writes their stories to satisfy her curiosity. When not reading or writing, Lana enjoys knitting socks, genealogy research, kayaking, snowmobiling and spending time with her family.

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  • Haunted on March 20, 2013

    I normally don't read this genre of book, so for that reason, I wasn't comfortable giving it 5 stars. (I don't know how it really compares to other in the same classification.) However, I'm glad I stepped out of my normal comfort zone to read Ms. Savva's novel. The characters were well-developed and believable, and I could actually visualize the things Nigel saw and experienced. I generally have a hard time visualizing things, so I consider Ms. Savva's ability to produce images in my mind to be astounding. It's been a few months since I read the book, and I still can see certain scenes as they played out. I will definitely read more of Ms. Savva's novels in the future.