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Lycaon Press is an e-book publisher specializing in young adult(YA) stories.

Our mission statement is simple: To provide the opportunity for readers to connect with young adult authors through the purchasing of quality e-books at a low price.

Starting in the summer of 2012, Lycaon Press came into existence. We will be producing top end young adult stories for valued readers to enjoy.

Our Goal?

Lycaon Press is an electronic publisher of young adult stories, releasing one to three e-books a week in a variety of downloadable formats. It is Lycaon Press' mission to provide readers with quality young adult books in electronic formats. If you are new to eBooks, take a look around.

About Justyn Perry, Publisher

Justyn Perry strives for excellence and demands nothing but. With his expertise in graphic design and publishing, he desires to increase the standard of e-publishing to a new level. He enjoys seeing new authors being published and rising in the ranks. Nothing is ever unattainable.

Justyn Perry

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