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I am full time Mommy with a love for anything creative including writing music, writing books and fashion design. I am blessed with a miracle child and have been married for a good number of years (slipped my mind how many :-) ). We have a bunny, Daisy-belle, Bella, a mix Jack Russell that keeps my daughter busy, as if she isn't busy enough and my two precious new additions, Pixie and Poppy - my guinea piggies.
God has been good and has seen me through this writing / publishing process and I believe that the book/s I've got listed here will shed a new light on how one views Jesus.
I trust that you will enjoy the imaginary world within my first fictional work, "Cameras Don't Lie". (It will become available in print form at in due course.)
My first book, "The Wrong Side of 30", which details my journey of infertility and eventual miracle can be found at my website, where you can find how to download a snippet of it. It has blessed many who have walked the lonely road of infertility.
Please feel free to make contact with me through any of the above links.

Smashwords Interview

It's great to chat about your new book, Cameras Don't Lie. Let's begin.
Thank you. It's wonderful see the completed work. :-)
What's the story behind your latest book?
Ah a smile comes to my face :-)

My latest book, "Cameras Don't Lie" is about Devlin Cole and the residents of Spring Manor and how they are affected at having Jesus in their town. The book is the result of some questions I asked myself a few years back, "What if Jesus came to earth today, and NOT 2 000 years ago, how would we be affected by Him and His presence and what He stood for? And more importantly, who today would want Him dead? I've called Jesus Adam to keep it fictional although it's based on the Biblical scriptures.

The main character is Devlin Cole who is around 39 years old. She has it all and seems to be happy. She has a thriving photographic studio, wonderful husband, lovely home. But when Adam comes to town, things change. The residents are taken by this kind man who knows everything about everybody, heals all He meets and claims to be from Heaven to reconcile man to God. Devlin spends more and more time with His as she covers stories for the local newspaper. He even heals her of her past hurts and it seems she might even get her heart's deepest desire. And she begins to believe with the residents that He is who He says He is. So she is extremely surprised that Adam's presence is disconcerting to some. When a murder takes place she begins to connect the dots and together with her long-time college friend, uncovers shocking truths that rock her world.

What she captures with her camera - the healings and His love for the people - changes her forever!
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Where to buy in print


Cameras Don't Lie
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 94,390. Language: English. Published: April 2, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Christian » Mystery & detective
What would happen if Jesus came to earth today? Who would want Him dead? Devlin Cole covers a healing in Spring Manor and nothing is the same. The stranger claims to be from heaven to redeem mankind. But when murder takes place, Devlin realizes that not everyone is as taken with Him. She connects the dots and uncovers shocking truths that rock her world. Fast paced.Biblical fiction with a twist.

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