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  • Don't Cry If You Don't Try on Sep. 22, 2011

    n inspirational read!It moves you to dig into the recesses of your mind and soul the dream you have shelved for fear of not being good enough to follow it! It also brings to mind Williamson's quote,"Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate...but that we are powerful beyond measure...As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." Thank you for moving us to be inspired enough to follow our own dreams...regardless.
  • Ziggy Two Step - Courier Extraordinaire on Oct. 01, 2011
    (no rating)
    Read it with almost the same pace as Ziggy Two Step up a flight of stairs! Couldn't wait to get to the end. What an ending...what a story!Well done Mark!I see Jim Carey as Ziggy Two Step!:))
  • Ziggy Two Step - Courier Extraordinaire on Oct. 01, 2011

    Sorry forgot to rate it. here goes...absolutely loved it!
  • The Diary of Moses Jenkins on Oct. 24, 2011

    A good short story that held my interest till the very end and what an ending...unpredictable with a twist of humour! A must read...
  • Tepee the Manatee on Oct. 29, 2011

    What an engaging story! And I loved the accompanying photos...Ernie on his back at the Three Sisters Pool. It's very educational too...a must read for everyone and this book makes a lovely "just because" gift. I've been curious about manatees and dugongs as they are called here in Malaysia ever since they found one strayed in the waters of Johore. The dugongs' migratory path stretches from Sungai Johor, along the coastline eastwards and cuts across to the inland shore of Pulau Sibu, where rich meadows of seagrass are found.Sadly these days, too many of them are found dead in our waters.
  • A Last Hunt on Oct. 29, 2011

    The title and brief book description easily points to the direction of the story...I enjoyed the writing but I don't understand his reason for killing his dog. I just don't get it.
  • A Pond in the Middle of Nowhere on Oct. 29, 2011

    Is this what we call serendipity? Beautifully written...warms the heart!
  • A Story for Morrie on Oct. 29, 2011

    A lovely read...children and adults will find Morrie an adorable dragon.
  • Dipping into a darkened soul on Oct. 29, 2011

    I think you've done well taking the steps to help yourself...I wish you well on your journey to being well.
  • Reflections at Sunrise on Oct. 30, 2011

    A beautifully written personal story. I had recently suffered the loss of my beloved father and I don't know if I'll ever really get over the loss. He was a loving affectionate father, grandfather and husband. Reading your story reminds me of the things my mum told me about what she misses most about my dad. And it's not too different from what you've said in your story. Eight months on and my mum still sleeps with the shirt he wore the day he died...where his smell still lingers.I hug her more often as usual as she misses my father's hugs. Thank you for this beautiful story. A must read - to me - for anyone who's suffered the loss of a loved one. BTW I also love your story, "The Lady Nest Door".
  • The Rodeo Dog on Oct. 30, 2011

    A lovely story esp for dog lovers. An enjoyable light read.
  • The Red Horde: Story I on Nov. 06, 2011

    A real good read. I love LOTR trilogy and this one has the promise of a story of great adventure as three young lads are taken on a quest by a mysterious man they meet while on the run from a evil force. First you'd think the lads cowardly, to run instead of defend their village Vir Dubel like the rest of the inhabitants against a tyrannical force!But all is revealed. The story-telling is spellbinding as the story takes us from the village Vir Dubel to the magical north...where along the way we meet a mysterious character who changes the course of the lads' lives. No longer just three lads on the run, they learn who they really are from the mysterious stranger, and their lives are about to change...forever. It's hard to put the book down - or in this case to stop scrolling the pages - as you weave your way to know the ending. The mysterious Rak-Sul's character plays a pivotal role in this first story (I say first because I'm assuming there will be others to follow in this adventure...) to get the lads remembering past lives in preparation for what's to come. Unfortunately, the ending stops at the most interesting part...the quest, adventure continues, I assume in another volume? When I got it, distracted, I gave it a once over and didn't like it which wasn't fair...but the second time around, I enjoyed it.
  • The Red Horde: Story I on Nov. 06, 2011
    (no rating)
    Corrections: "...on the run from an evil force." "...instead of defending their village Vir Dubel,..." They may be more grammatical errors...I'm sorry.
  • Crystals of Consequence on Nov. 06, 2011

    Enjoyed another book by Geltab. There's serious trouble in Oleskia and calls for its inhabitants to band together and help save their world. What's enjoyable to read is the unexpected sense of humour thrown in at different turns in the story. I love the description of the different inhabitants of Oleskia - the Engarians, Sharm,(a once violent and hostile people turned mild and subdued by retkatis! :) interesting how they count their years as "after retkatis"...) Cordevarians - setting the stage of who's who and the role they play. It's quite easy to imagine what they would look like. Seems to me the Cordevarians - at least Rootdeep has quite a sense of humour, of course at Mariath's expense. Will there be a sequel?
  • The Ghost Legion: Story I on Nov. 10, 2011

    Another story by Geltab that I thoroughly enjoyed...and was sorry to read the end of this first part adventure of the assassins - Cast, Spell, Wormy, Canon, Dagger...as they do their leader's - Captain Iron - bidding. They kill for a price and they payback with the best of them when betrayed themselves, as one "client" found out!They are "honourable" assassins, I suppose. I guess what I enjoy most about Geltab's books is the sense of humor you find weaving through the story. I wouldn't pick up a book to read which has "assassin" and "merciless" as descriptive adjective of the story, knowing full well it might contain vivid description of gruesome murders. But I've read other works by Geltab's and surprisingly found them entertaining. So I read this too...no regrets. In fact I'm looking forward to the next the Ghost Legion adventure. I also enjoy the characters in his book...he describes them so vividly, it's not difficult to imagine what they look like. The last fantasy book I read which was well written and entertaining and tops my list of great reads was LOTR - the trilogy. Highly recommended.