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  • Mini-Collection on July 01, 2011

    This is a collection of three short stories. The first is a Hobbit parody which is quite amusing. I believe it is part of an ongoing set of stories set in Gunderland. The second story involves Lucrecia and Alexander Borgia who have come back to Earth from Hell to set up a loan business with the aim of trapping souls for Satan. The third story involves a military manoeuvres in which the Army uses sponsorship to pay for its costs. There are tanks with McDonalds logos and bayonets with condom company logos. The enemy takes the form of two types - illegal immigrants and bankrupt individuals. The illegal immigrants are herded into 'towns' which are the initial object and are shelled. Those who survive are deported. the aim is to reduce the cost of deporting them. A counter attack then takes place against the military from the armed bankrupts. The aim here is to reduce prison over-crowding. As you may tell I found the third story to be the best and the one which struck a chord. The author is obviously playing on current themes in his homeland to full advantage. Humour is the best way of making a point and he does this very well. This small collection is well worth the tiny price of the eBook just to read this story alone. Go buy it and see for yourself.