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Monalisa won life’s lottery when she escaped communism and became an unhyphenated American citizen. Her works tend to explore themes of freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility. Despite her degree in physics, she’s worked in several fields including engineering and medicine, but she enjoys being a trophy wife and kept woman the most. She and her husband (who is a writer-once-removed via their marriage) are living their happily ever after in Texas, along with their children, both human and canine.

Smashwords Interview

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yes. I was about twelve years old (I think) and I submitted it to a very small newsletter called The Plutonian Society. It was very short (what today we'd call "flash fiction") and I think I got $5 for it. I was very excited because that was more than the money I was making babysitting the neighbor's baby and because I got paid with (gasp!) a check. It was a vignette about an astronaut's dying thoughts as his spaceship was about to crash. I don't think I'd write anything that dark or depressing ever again. I like happy endings and heroes winning.
What is your writing process?
In "the trade" it's called "pantsing," as in "writing by the seat of your pants" mostly because it's not outlining. While I've worked off outlines, I don't start with them. Usually I start with either a setting or a character or a problem. I rarely sit down without any idea of what I'm about to write (what some would call "discovery writing), although the few times I've done it, it has resulted in some good pieces.

Most of the time I've lived with the story, in some form or another, for awhile. I've either thought of or about either the character, the setting, or the problem and written out bits of conversation or summary paragraphs. At some point I know I'm ready to expand on these bits and pieces and bring them together in a cohesive story.

I marvel at the process because as I flesh out the story, I come up with the most marvelous details, things that would never come to me if I had written myself an outline. I know I'm solidly in a character's head when the words flow. Sometimes the character wants to take me in a different direction than what I originally had in mind, and for the most part, I let him.

Imagine watching a film that starts out in black and white, out of focus, grainy. Then, as the story goes, pieces fall into place, bringing rich, thick, detail and emotion. The character grows a personality, a voice, a mind of her own. The setting flows from black and white into rich color. The focus sharpens and the resulting image is no longer grainy but highly detailed, like you can touch it. You, the reader, are inside that character's mind, feeling their feelings with them, experiencing the world through their eyes. Creating characters and worlds that are that real is my goal when I'm writing.
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Sovereign Republic of Texas
Set in a very possible near future of a fractured United States.


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Promethea Invicta: A Novella
Series: Sovereign Republic of Texas. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 20,510. Language: English. Published: August 21, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Hard sci-fi, Fiction » Science fiction » High tech
Ready to free mankind from its shackles, Theia fights to birth a new age. Only the gods of scarcity, woe and lament stand in her way.
Rejection 101: A Writer's Guide
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Writing and rejection go hand-in-hand. Told by a first-time workshop participant, "Rejection 101: A Writer's Guide" goes into why a rejection is an opinion, not a death sentence. Previously published as a series of blog posts, this short but straightforward account cuts through the mystery of the editorial selection process. A must-read for every writer.

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