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I'm a reader, writer, book reviewer, actor, singer, and dancer.

I love what I do with my life and I hope to publish in the near future.

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  • Day of Sacrifice (Day of Sacrifice #1) on Nov. 20, 2010

    The beginning of this short story is well written though it kind of takes a minute to get into the jist of what's going on. The points of view change between Julian and Flora so quickly you're just kind of left thinking "Oh, this is ______'s P.O.V. Okay, I get what's going on now." There aren't many P.O.V changes, but it still gets you confused for a second. (Well, at least I got confused for a second). The story kicks off soon, though. Flora gets about seventy million calls from Fauna (her twin). As she listens to the messages she knows it's something important. I won't tell you. (: I love Flora's personality in this story. She's strong, confident and not afraid to be scared every once in a while. Julian: He's adorable. I love Julian. He's so sweet, smart, cute, compassionate. I felt so bad for him when ________ happened. (Gotcha there hehe) Poor Julian and when _________ happened. That was just too heartbreaking and adorable at the same time. Read it and fill in the blanks :D S.W.Benfiel did a great job with this. She really knew how to weave everything together to come up with a perfect ending. I'm looking forward to REBELLION which is coming out in 2011.