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Smashwords book reviews by Chris Lamacchio

  • Taken: Marks of the Satrii on Jan. 06, 2012

    I couldn't put this book down. Extremely excited to get this authors next book.
  • Taken: Blades of the Ytinu Srebas (Book 2) on Feb. 12, 2012

    One of the most exciting book series I have ever read. This author sucked me into a world of fantasy and passion. It allowed me to feel alive again. The detail of Ava's transformation into the person she knew she could become,and the sheer determination to fight for the love she believed in gave me hope for a world that gives up so easily. One of the best true love stories of our time.
  • The Shadow Dragon (Book 2): Aleksertac on Nov. 10, 2012

    This book kept me wanting for more. I could not put it down. This author really has a talent for capturing the readers attention and taking them on a mind gripping ride of suspense, danger, fantasy, and love. I highly recommend.
  • Solace: Uncharted Territory on Nov. 10, 2012

    Another great book from this author. My teenage son actually read it as well for his fantasy book report. He said it was the best story he has ever read. We can't wait for the next book.
  • The Shadow Dragon: Orbs of Fire on Nov. 10, 2012

    I read both of these books back to back. This author really has a way of grabbing the readers interest, and creatively brings the story alive. This is a hot new author. I can't wait for the next book.
  • Solace(Book 2): Lost on Feb. 22, 2013

    Unbelievable story. This is one of the best book series I have ever read.